How can people not be skeptical about the coronavirus narrative???

Just think about this logically. No one would likely know there is a virus going around if the media and government weren’t inundating with hysterical news coverage and press conferences 24 hours a day and forcing us to stay in our homes under threat of public ostracism and possible legal consequences. Were you the least bit worried about this disease three weeks ago?

We were told when this started that millions might die. That hasn’t materialized. As I write this the death count in the US so far is 859. And many of those are probably elderly people with serious preexisting conditions who weren’t likely to live much longer anyway. Now they may say the lockdowns worked and that’s why no one died, but I’m not sure why I should believe that. This whole self-quarantine thing is just supposed to spread out the epidemic so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. So if not that many people die, it seems like maybe this disease wasn’t so serious. And why would it overwhelm the hospital if it’s less deadly than the flu? We’re told many more people die of the flu, but this has a higher death rate? So that means that there must be fewer cases. It can’t all be true. There have to be some lies in there somewhere.

We also have all these people testing positive that have no symptoms, but they can spread the disease. This means going forward the authorities can declare a perfectly healthy person a “carrier” of some future disease they discover down the line and lock them up for the good of society or at least limit their ability to travel.

We can also blame the economic collapse on this virus rather than the huge bubbles inflated by the world’s central banks and the out of control spending by our corrupt rulers. So of course we have to bail out the big companies and give the banks “liquidity.” They could never have foreseen the Coronavirus! How convenient!

We’re also told that all this social distancing we’ve been told is necessary is the “new normal.” Think about that. Something no one ever heard of two weeks ago is now how we must live our lives possibly forever. We can never have face to face meetings anymore. Everything must be done online. And of course, the NSA can track everything online. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

We no longer have the right to assembly it seems. So no more tea parties or Occupy Wall Street protests. That does seem to benefit the elite, the people who are about to get trillions of dollars handed to them to bail out their industries from this supposed pandemic. No angry populist rallies for unapproved politicians running for office. No more voting in person. Guess we’ll have to vote online or through the mail which will have to be done on the Federal level. It will be much more convenient and make us safe from germs. It will also be much easier to fix, but again that’s the price we have to pay to not die of some disease that we normally wouldn’t even worry about.

No more church. I mean I guess you can worship on the internet, but somehow I don’t think that will appeal to many people. So people will lose their faith in God. That just happens to remove a competing authority to the State.

How will we have family formations? All of our relationships will be online. Will single people be afraid to meet in person? How will they FUCK? How are we going to reproduce? Is it all artificial inseminations? Are fathers to be completely kept out of the children’s lives? Again, that seems like one more possible authority figure that isn’t the government removed from the equation.

All of this seems way too convenient for our power-hungry overlords. When you start hearing about this being the “new normal,” keep these ideas in mind.

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