Excess deaths update 7.27.20

CDC data indicate 3 weeks in a row with a slight increase in COVID deaths even as overall and excess deaths have continued to decline. We need to keep an eye on this. If this trend continues it certainly suggests one of these possibilities:

  1. They’re inflating COVID deaths. Someone dies of an underlying or unrelated condition and they slap a COVID label on it because they had a positive test or some flu-like symptoms.
  2. Most of the death count back in April and May consisted of sick and elderly people who died a few weeks or months earlier because they caught COVID than they would have without it. So with less of the “usual” dying people in July, the overall deaths continue to decline and we’re not seeing much of an “excess” despite a few thousand people dying from COVID each week.

Or it could be a combination of the two. Or the data could update and we’ll see a rise in overall deaths at some point. But we need to watch this closely because the media presents everything about this virus in the worst light possible.

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