We’re supposed to take these assholes seriously?

A few obvious points:

  1. He’s being very unsanitary with this mask that is supposedly protecting him and the’s about to put back on his face to cover up his mouth and nose.
  2. Nothing can be “more” guaranteed than something else. Something is either guaranteed or it isn’t.
  3. Is he really saying masks are “guaranteed” to protect against this virus? If so, then why are there any other restrictions being recommended. It should just be masks and then do whatever you want while your wear it.
  4. We have been constantly told that you wear the mask to protect others, but he just did a complete 180 on that bullshit. So then why do mask proponents care if I wear a mask? They can wear one and be safe so who cares if I catch it?
  5. This guy is a liar and he doesn’t even seem particularly bright, yet he heads the Centers for Disease Control. Remember that the next time the CDC issues any guidance or tries to scare you about some “dangerous” virus that you can’t do anything about.

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