Ron Paul’s Most Memorable Moments According to Washington Post

The Washington Post manages to give a very brief history of Ron Paul’s political career without a lot of the subtle commentary you normally get from a mainstream outlet.

According to them his most memorable moments are as follow:

Two GOP primary campaigns: They actually do a pretty good job on this. They note the grassroots support and the GOP rules changes designed to shut him up. I don’t like how they say he didn’t “officially” endorse Romney. It’s nice they recognize that he didn’t endorse that statist, but they seem to infer that he somehow unofficially endorsed him or something which of course isn’t true. They also claim he was “welcomed warmly” at the 2012 GOP convention without noting that the poor treatment┬áhis supporters received.

Advocating the Gold Standard: They oversimplify this. He wants to repeal Legal Tender Laws and give people the freedom to use whatever they want as currency. His belief is over time people will again start using gold and silver as opposed to the monopoly money that Ben Bernanke hands out to his bankster and political friends.

Anti-FEMA stance: What they say is true, but it’s hardly one of his most memorable moments.

Anti-Iraq War stance. This of course is very important, but they leave out the fact that he’s opposed to all offensive wars, not just the crime against Iraq.

Vote against Patriot Act: Glad they put this in here, but they don’t acknowledge his efforts to repeal it or any of the arguments he gives for why it’s unconstitutional, immoral, and dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Most Memorable Moments According to Washington Post

    • Huh?: McCain is not a war hero per veterans: Of cosrue Obama isn’t qualified: first and then second As for Ron Paul, well, the establishment doesn’t want you to wake up: The establishment would rather you remain complacent and vote for one of the two republicrats in order to keep big business and bankers in power. It’s called fascism.Okay, now I’ll step down off my soapbox.

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