Kamala is a serial liar

Her latest tall tale plagiarizes a story told by MLK about a baby yelling “FWEEDOM” at a Civil Rights Rally. He was talking about a girl he saw in Birmingham, while Kamala’s fantasy took place in Oakland.

This is on top of these other obvious lies:

She claims her family celebrated Kwanzaa as a child. Kwanzaa didn’t even exist when she was born, but supposedly her Indian mother enthusiastically celebrated the holiday up in Montreal, Canada shortly after it was invented by American black separatists.

She called Joe Biden a racist in the Democratic primary. Since she became his running mate she either lied during the Democrat debates (which she now claims) or she’s lying that she doesn’t think he’s racist now and just wants to be his Vice President anyway.

She lied about which rappers she listened to in college just to sound cool.

She claimed her nephew was crying on the night she won election to the Senate because he was so upset over Trump’s victory. There’s no evidence either way on this, but this was a typical ploy of Leftist authors during the Trump years about how their “children” were so upset at Trump or racism or something. Seems almost certain that her ghostwriter used this cheap phony antecdote the way NY Times opinion writers do.

These were just ones I thought of off the top of my head and did a quick internet search to link to. I’m sure there are others and she’ll give us new ones each time she opens her deranged cackling mouth.

Should be fun to watch.

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