Our government is reckless

How can they allow the Vice President of the United States to make a speech declaring the US will “stand with Ukraine in defense of the NATO alliance?” This implies that the USA has the obligation to defend Ukraine from Russia. This is basically a call to start World War III. This is pure insanity and this psychopath should be removed from office immediately.

I’ve come to around to the conclusion that Kamala is likely just stupid. She may have just misspoken like she’s done so many times before. But this is still completely unacceptable. You can’t just go out and spout off bullshit to sound tough when that bullshit can be interpreted by a nuclear power as a de facto declaration of war.

We expect this, unfortunately, from neocon Senators and congressmen, but a person this high up in a presidential administration must be held to a higher standard. Our very existence is at stake here.

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