The cost of government taking action to combat “climate change”

This RT story makes the claim that energy prices in the UK have risen 160% since 2004.  This is a result of shutting down “dirty” coal power plants and pretending they can rely on “alternative” energy sources like the wind and the sun to meet demand in a 21st century, formerly industrialized nation.  In fact it seems they’re just importing more of their fuel and driving up the cost to the people unfortunate enough to live there.  Politicians in Brussels and London (just like governments in all Western countries) believe they can tax energy companies, shut down certain power plants, and build windmills, and somehow this will control the Earth’s climate so that it never changes from the temperatures we enjoyed back in 1987 or 1995 or whenever they think the perfect year was.  Have more ridiculous delusions of grandeur.ever existed in human history?

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