Great time to be a Libertarian

It really is a great time to be a Libertarian in America.  Sure the state is bigger than it’s ever been, but think about what’s going on:

Obama failed to launch his war on Syria which was cheered on by the neocon Republicans, mainly the deranged John McCain and Lindsay Graham, due to widespread public opposition.  What’s even better is that much of the opposition came from the so called “Libertarian wing” of the Republican party.  I know the idea that Republicans could be Libertarian probably makes most real Libertarians cringe, but hey, if the media are forced to talk about our ideology that’s a good thing.

The government is shut down!  I know it’s not really.  We’re still subject to the theft and spying the feds regularly impose upon us.  The US military continues to occupy much of the world.  But I’ll take any amount of less government I can get.  People are already starting to really hate the state, and if we can convince them to even hate the freaking Park Service?  What’s left for them to like about it?

Obama, who seems to embody the whole image of Big Government, has really gone off the rails.  He’s flat out lying about default, trying to close the ocean, refusing to negotiate on the idea that he may need to negotiate.  It’s great.  The more tyrannical he becomes, the more people will sympathize with those of us who have rejected the very notion that the US government can even be reformed at this point.

It’s about advancing the ideas of Liberty to the masses, and right now that seems to be happening.

3 thoughts on “Great time to be a Libertarian

  1. he’s gonna create jobs and not say how; that they are full of BS. Shut it right down. Carper was renidag his notes on Glass/Steagall and why it won’t work if re enacted – written by a bankster lobbyist, of course!Wade should have just stayed at home. He just can’t get prepared enough in time to be effective. His vocal coach is messing up a good guy and turning him into….I don’t know, but he’s a decent guy and is not getting good advice. If it was just Carper and Wade it would have been a horribly boring evening. We would have had a better time outside. 😉 Kovich and Carney were complete wastes of time tonight when it comes to debating – (guys you need to do better than faux-slick sound bites) I know Tom is better than this performance, I never met Carney before; he was an hour late and was incoherent with beltway gibberish (we’re not interested in who you had lunch with; I guess he was picking up a big check). Pires and I diverged on a number of issues. Phew! I now know how we differ on some policy issues and his attitude about the voters is not demonstrably friendly. I don’t think he’s going to fly in NCCo. He’s got some great points but I think people forget them when he goes on a tirade on Carper. Better him than me.I think I shocked the crowd with the material I got from the Delaware Sierra Club about our polluted aquifers. I’m told, some people were very upset about that revelation. Still it’s very hard to distill these issues down to a 60sec response. I think I closed pretty well and I had a lot of people talking to me at the end of the evening. I will need to post a lot more essays on my web site as well as here.The best part is that many people didn’t know what to expect from me and I think I shocked/surprised and even impressed some. It kinda makes it all worthwhile. Tomorrow I can go back to being depressed about how bad things are, but tonight I’ll bask in the knowledge that at least some people listened and understood. Thanks to all who came out and those who couldn’t make it but were thinking of me.The next debate is September 24 in the Lincoln, Ellendale-Milford area. I hope to see you there!

  2. I think that libertarians have a more realistic view on policy issues than democrats or republicans. Democrats want to micromanage the economy, dictate how much of our money we get to keep. Republicans want to dictate who can be married to who, be they a same sex couple or a heterosexual couple. An issue I agree with the libertarians on would be drug legalization. Mainly because this would actually be a disincentive for the continuation of the existence black markets if they were legal. To be honest, I have no problem with drugs being legal. What I object to is the hypocrisy of our leaders in the U.S. who admitted to using these drugs and wanting to punish other people who do the same thing.

    • Both parties want to micromanage the economy. Republicans use free market rhetoric, but like the Democrats, they believe the Federal Reserve should control the money supply and prop up the large banks and keep real estate prices artificially high. The main difference is Democrats want much higher welfare spending while Republicans want it to keep it about where it is. The Republicans want higher military spending, while the Democrats want to raise it slightly less.

      As for marriage, I would say it’s more of a distraction than anything to keep the electorate divided. Get the State out of marriage all together.

      Drugs should be legalized because people have a right to ingest whatever they want. But of course laws like that don’t apply to high level politicians. The last 3 presidents have admitted to using illegal drugs, but continue to prosecute the drug war.

      And Just look at Hillary’s email scandal. Do you really think a low level state department employee would get away with that?

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