Obamacare has deeper flaws than people realize

The Obama regime looks pretty bad right now.  The sheer incompetence of the state is evident in a half billion dollar website that doesn’t work.  Compare that with Amazon or countless other private sector companies that seem to be able to handle massive web traffic at a fraction of the cost.  On top of that Obama has been proven a liar with his pledge that everyone could keep their health insurance plan if they wanted.  I’m of the opinion that he probably didn’t know what he was talking about when he said this. He was just repeating what one of his handlers told him.  But of course that’s just speculation.  The fact that he’s a liar should come as no surprise because he constantly lies.

Now I would be against Obamacare even if it was going relatively smoothly right now.  I oppose using violence to force people to buy a product.  That’s what Obamacare boils down to.  So I’m glad it’s going badly.  Hopefully it will turn people who previously supported it against it.

But Americans should really take a closer look at the economics of this.  First off, it’s absurd that the Federal government should mandate that all insurance plans contain a set list of things that Obama’s puppet masters apparently think are important: Fertility treatment, abortions, “mental health” treatment, etc.  The individual states mandating these types of non-essential services be covered has contributed to the high cost of health insurance in the first place.  Healthy people often are not permitted to purchase catastrophic plans in case they get sick while paying for the occasional routine doctor’s appointment out of pocket.  Obamcare just mandates this error on a federal level making the problem worse.

Another point being conveniently overlooked is this idea, which the majority of Americans seem to support, that insurance companies should not be permitted to charge higher prices for people with preexisting conditions.  This means a healthcare provider must agree up front to pay out more than they can ever hope to collect from a seriously ill patient.  This is not insurance.  The insurance company is guaranteed to lose money on the deal.  The only way they can make up for this is for healthy people to pay higher prices for their insurance.  Young healthy people probably would just go without this expensive insurance since they can wait until they get sick and buy it at the same price.  So the government steps in and says they will penalize the uninsured.  In other words, they’ll force you to buy it whether you want it or not.  However, the cost of the insurance is likely to rise faster than the penalties.  So this whole thing seems designed to fail.  The insurance companies will either collapse, or the Feds will just start taking money to pay for your “insurance” the way they take your taxes.  That is, they’ll just withhold it from your paycheck and hand it over to Cigna, Aetna, United, etc.

The main reason healthcare costs are so high is that few people pay out of pocket for any of their medical treatments.  Even routine doctor visits are covered by third party health plans that people receive through their jobs.  So rather than shop around and consider how much some medicine or treatment costs, they just accept whatever the doctor, hospital, or drug company says.  After all, someone else is picking up the bill.  This system exists mainly due to previous state interventions in the healthcare market.  For example the reason most employers started offering healthcare plans in the first place was as a way around wage controls put in place during World War II.  The idea that more government intervention and forcing people into ever more expensive insurance plans will fix the flaws in this system is ludicrous.

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