Obama criticizes Republicans for going home for holidays

Obama is mad that while he was vacationing at taxpayers’ expense in Hawaii, Republicans went home for Christmas without extending unemployment benefits for as long as he wants. He further went on to say this in his weekly address:

And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all.

You see whenever someone is unemployed, it’s never their own fault.  It’s the government’s fault for not spending enough money to create enough jobs for everybody. And the reason they don’t create all these jobs is because evil Republicans don’t increase spending as fast as Obama wants.  And on top of that those GOP bastards are possibly thinking about not extending unemployment benefits forever.

1 thought on “Obama criticizes Republicans for going home for holidays

  1. I am finding it ever more diluicfft to understand what you are saying, and it appears that you are having the same problem. I know your disdain for the socialconservatives agenda is one of your favorite hobby horses, (that and drug legalization) but it really seems to be fire aimed in the wrong direction. Let us postulate a man killed in battle. His big toe is blown off, he’s got a shrapnel wound in the torso, and a big freakin hole in his head. The cause of death was most likely the big freakin hole in his head, not the shot off big toe or the torso wound. I say that the Everyone who appears on television incessently criticizing our side and not only covering up for but Praising the other side constitues the “Big freakin Hole in the head”, while people turned off by “Cultural Conservatism” represents a shot off big toe. If the media people wouldn’t carry water for the other side, the cultural stuff would be incidental, and not a minus at all. (it didn’t hurt Reagan, did it?) Okay, enough from me. Back to opining on the Big Toe. David

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