Prison Song 13 years later

I was a big System of a Down fan in my youth.  I happened to be listening to Prison Song today where the lead singer rattles off some stats about incarceration in the US.  It got me to thinking, that song came out almost 13 years ago, I wonder what those figures look like today?

Nearly 2 Million Americans are incarcerated in the prison system of the US

Well a quick Wikipedia search shows the Land of the Free, has gone well beyond 2 million inmates.  As of 2011, 2,266,800 adults are incarcerated.  That’s 0.7% of the population.  In 2000, the jailed population was 1,937,482.  So the percentage of incarcerated Americans has increased as well by 0.1%.  As you can see below, the US far outpaces the the rest of the world when it comes to locking up its citizens.

The Percentage of Americans in the prison system has doubled since 1985

There were 744,208 inmates in 1985.  That’s 0.3% of the population.  So obviously that has more than doubled.

Keep up the good work Pigs!

But don’t worry, it’s all been worth it!  Why just yesterday, the heroes in the Coast Guard stole a “historic” amount of cocaine from some Dominicans who were trying to supply their US customers.  I’m sure we’ve turned a corner and the War on Drugs is just about won.  Then finally, we can reduce our prison population and all live wonderfully sober lives (except for when we’re drunk at football games).


One thought on “Prison Song 13 years later

  1. This blog should coinntue. As dangerous as it can be for an SO in prison, most of us make it through unscathed. Sure, I had my cover story, too, but I was in a low security facility (Butner, NC) well known for harboring SOs. The main thing we had going for our safety in a place like Butner was the fact that most of the rest of the inmates having slowly worked their way down from a USP or highs and mediums to finally enjoy the relative pleasures of a low security joint weren’t inclined to then jeopardize their remaining time by swinging at an SO. The rest of the inmates were themselves men with a secret (dirty cops, former politicians, corrupt clergy) who didn’t want to attract attention to themselves.Butner is no longer the SO haven it was when I returned to the street in ’07. While it still has more high-profile inmates than usual, most are there b/c of health problems, not sexual deviancy. FCI Devens now receives most of the East Coast SO traffic, I think.All this is just to say that depending on exactly which joint Joe the SO actually is in his gremlin problems might be mitigated by the fact that most of his potential detractors have bigger things to worry about than what he did or did not do to catch his charge. The #1 gremlin type to watch out for is the one with some kind of unresolved sex abuse issue from his own childhood. Coupled with anger problems and/or poor impulse control, there can be sudden trouble especially if he’s thrown together in the same cubicle/cell with a known/suspected SO. Most of the time, though, he’s pretty easy to pick out, being often heard making disparaging remarks about cho-mos in general and accusing others of being that way. With luck, he can then be completely avoided.Maybe I was luckier than most, being in Butner, but I got to know several guys (of every race and background) who had some idea of why I was there but still didn’t mind hanging out in the housing unit or being seen with me on the rec yard. This blog serves a good purpose especially for convicted SOs facing the horrible prospect of going to prison. If Joe has made it this far, I think he’ll finish strong. Then he can start blogging about *everything* he knows!Well-loved.

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