Pussy Riot Gets 2 Years in Russian Prison

I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin.  Despite the fact that he’s much more reasonable on Middle East policy than the current US regime, he’s a statist on par with some of the worst US presidents in terms of his domestic policies in Russia. I also think 2 years in prison is too harsh for the members of Pussy Riot for their crime of “Hooliganism.” But the treatment in the Western press is downright hysterical about this. If 3 young women ran into a cathedral, church, or a Jewish temple in a major city in the United States and started shouting profanities denouncing Obama, don’t you think they’d be looking at serious punishment? Maybe they wouldn’t get 2 years in jail. I hope not. But there would be legal consequences and rightfully so.

The women’s so called protest was due to Putin’s close ties with the Russian Orthodox Church.  But how many black churches in the US have practically held campaign rallies for Obama? How many evangelical churches have conducted sermons preaching the gospel of Republicans? How many Jewish temples have openly advocated on behalf of the Israeli government? I don’t pretend to know the answers to these questions, but you know these types of instances have occurred. Does that mean people that don’t agree with a religious institution’s politics can barge into their houses of worship, desecrate their alters, and shout blasphemous profanities?

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