AP: Pot seen as reason for rise in Denver homeless

This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read in my life.  I guess since the AP usually just acts as a propaganda outlet for the US government, and the Feds haven’t been real clear about their views on marijuana, they’re a little confused on what to write about it.

But there is absolutely no substance to back up the headline here.  The whole premise is based on one quote from a deputy director at one homeless shelter:

“Of the new kids we’re seeing, the majority are saying they’re here because of the weed,”

That’s basically it.  The article then goes onto more or less contradict this statement by saying the following:

an informal survey found that about a quarter of the increase was related to marijuana

So this other shelter would have seen an increase regardless of pot.  By the way, the increase was 75 people.  A quarter of that is around 19 people.  Denver has over 5800 homeless people.  19 is a rounding error.  It’s hardly evidence of anything.

So the AP did no research of their own to determine that pot is leading to an increase in Denver’s homeless population.  Instead they got one quote from someone at one homeless shelter, then found an “informal survey” at another homeless shelter that contradicted that same quote.  This led them to the conclusion that Marijuana legalization is causing an increase in homeless people in Denver, and they saw fit to publish the article.

At the end of the article the executive director at a third shelter blames the economy for the rise in Denver’s homeless population, but this doesn’t make it in the headline.


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