Thomas Sowell is wrong

I actually like Thomas Sowell.  I agree with most of his essays that deal with economics or contemporary American culture.  However, when it comes to foreign policy, he is basically a neocon.

I was especially disturbed by what Sowell wrote today about Israel.  Apparently he’s upset about something Geraldo Rivera said regarding Israel losing the battle for world opinion. Of course that Israel is hated around the world following its government’s latest offensive against the concentration camp known as Gaza is just a fact, but here is Sowell’s response:

Has any other country, in any other war, been expected to keep the enemy’s civilian casualties no higher than its own civilian casualties? The idea that Israel should do so did not originate among the masses but among the educated intelligentsia.

This is just sick.  He’s basically saying the State of Israel shouldn’t worry how many Palestinian civilians they kill.  This is how neocons think.  Only Israeli, and to a lesser extent American, lives count.  Every other person on Earth is expendable.

And let’s not forget that Israel started this war.  A couple teenagers who were stupid enough to hitchhike in the Occupied West Bank got killed.  That doesn’t warrant a full bombardment and invasion of Gaza.

Earlier in the column he wrote this:

Are these protesters aware that vastly more German civilians were killed by American bombers attacking Nazi Germany during World War II than American civilians killed in the United States by Hitler’s forces?

So because the US government killed hundreds of thousands of German civilians, that makes it okay for Israel to kill thousands of Palestinian civilians today?  What kind of logic is that?  Why was it okay for FDR to mass murder people in the first place?

And why use WWII as an example?  Why not use the much more recent example of Iraq? I’m not aware of a single American civilian in the United States dying at the hand of the Iraqis, but that didn’t stop Bush the Stupid from murdering at least 100,000 civilians in Iraq. That was a war Thomas Sowell fully supported.  I’m starting to see a pattern here.  If an Israeli or Republican politician says they need to start a war against a dirt poor Muslim country, Mr. Sowell is 100% behind the killing of civilians.

2 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell is wrong

  1. In at least two of his syndicated opinion columns Sowell has blamed the creation of ISIS in Iraq on the absence of US troops there which Sowell blames on President Obama. In neither column does Sowell acknowledge that shortly before he left office President George W Bush signed a Status of Forces Agreement the terms of which required all US troops be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2011. Of course Sowell knows about the SOFA agreement. He also knows his readers are gullible, ill informed and easily hoodwinked. Classic cherry picking of relevant facts.

    • Well said. Bush and his Neocon puppet masters’ attempts to remake the Middle East led to the rise of ISIS. Without the Iraq War and Obama’s meddling in Syria, there would be no ISIS. It’s also worth noting that Obama actually tried to keep troops in Iraq past 2011, but couldn’t negotiate their immunity from local prosecution for any crimes they committed.

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