Israeli Propaganda against Iran

I had to stop reading this article in the Washington Times after a few paragraphs.  This is what really got me upset:

fresh evidence suggests Iran continues to support the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which went to war anew this summer with Israel.


Israel went to war with Hamas!  In fact they went to war with the entire Gaza Strip. Some Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank were murdered, Israel blamed Hamas, and launched the war which would be considered terrorism if conducted by any non-Western government.  According to the Israeli State and their bitches in the USA, any Gazan they kill is either part of Hamas, they’re the friends or family of Hamas, or Hamas was using them as a human shield.

The Times also seems mad that some guy in Iran suggested they should give some air defenses to Hamas.  So it’s okay for the US to give billions of dollars of offensive weapons to Israel to attack Hamas, but if some government wants to help Hamas defend themselves, then that’s grounds for more starvation sanctions against that government’s civilians.

Keep in mind that no matter how you feel about Iran, Hamas, or Israel, none of this in any way threatens the United States of America.  It’s not our problem!  Aid to Israel and sanctions on Iran do nothing to help 99% of Americans.  The only Americans it helps are the merchants of death and maybe some oil companies.

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