Freedom for Scotland!

Photos Scotland Flag Flags Scottish Scotch St Andrews Ask And You Shall WallpaperI for one an firmly behind the Scottish Independence movement.  Here are several reasons why:

1. Small states are better.  I would encourage anyone reading this to check out the article by Peter St. Onge I linked to, but the main point is that smaller European states are richer than larger European states.  This includes states with similar ethnic/linguistic characteristics.  Germany is poorer than the small German-speaking states while France is poorer than the small French-speaking states.  So it’s doubtful that the average Scot is benefiting from being part of the larger UK.

2. Governments that hold power over smaller amounts of people are more responsive to the people they rule.  This is just obvious.  Here in America, you’re certainly more likely to get the mayor of a small town to listen to your complaints than you are President Obama.  As St. Onge points out, this is probably one of the reasons smaller states are wealthier.  If the government of a small area embarks on some foolish scheme (think ObamaCare, No Child Left Behind, The Community Reinvestment Act, etc.), it’s easier for them to reverse course.  When a giant mega-state like the US or even the relatively smaller UK creates a massive bureaucracy to implement some new “entitlement” or “reform” it ain’t goin’ nowhere.  These are governments that are still subsidizing ethanol after all.

3. Small states usually don’t wage offensive wars or build military empires.  I don’t recall Luxembourg invading anybody recently.  I don’t think Lichtenstein has any overseas military bases.  This really has nothing to do with the people living in these countries, it’s just that their governments don’t have the manpower or the ability to extract enough wealth from their subjects to build up a big army.  This is yet another reason why these countries are wealthier.  They don’t spend tens of billions (or in the case of the US hundreds of billions) on so called “defense.”  Yet somehow Switzerland has remained pretty secure over the last few centuries.

4. The UK is one of the worst warmongering states of the last 200 years at least.  Of all the larger European states, I think the UK would be the best one to break up.  Wouldn’t it be great to weaken the USA Military Empire’s sidekick?  Let’s not forget it was the UK government that helped Wilson and FDR trick the American public into 2 European wars.  Let’s not forget they basically founded Israel and caused that whole debacle.  Let’s not forget they carved up the Middle East among arbitrary lines and supported ruthless dictators throughout the 20th century.  Tony Blair was GWB’s best friend when it came to murdering Iraqis.  Let’s not forget that when the USA finally got a president that seemed timid enough to stop engaging in any new wars for a while, the UK helped pressure the weak-kneed Obama into a bombing campaign in Libya that left that country a mess.  I could go on and on.  Let’s just say good riddance to the damn UK.

5. Groundskeeper Willie says so.

6. Queen Elizabeth isn’t the legitimate Queen of Scotland anyway.

7. The original union took place because a few Scottish Noblemen invested their money foolishly and were bribed into joining Great Britain in return for being bailed out.  Sounds kind of like how the banksters operate today.  No “union” that was founded under such circumstances needs to remain in perpetuity.

8. The UK, like the US, is not a real “country” or “nation”.  It’s a geographical tax jurisdiction and nothing more.  Since that’s really all it is, and tax is just state sponsored theft, then break it up.  Why statists think it’s some sacred institution is beyond me.  Scotsmen are not Englishmen or Welshmen or Irishmen.  There’s no reason why they all have to pay taxes to the same tyrants.  It’s the same thing in the US.  Why the “Union” that Lincoln founded at gunpoint is so sacred to people here makes no sense.  What does some white guy in Vermont have in common with some Mexican in Los Angeles?  How is this “One Nation Under God?”

Alba gu bràth

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