Scotland votes to stay in what’s left of the British Empire

I’m under no illusion that an independent Scotland would have been some kind of Libertarian society.  The Scottish National Party after all is a social-democrat party (socialists for those Americans not familiar with the term).  They advocate membership in the EU and want to continue to use the fiat British currency.

It’s also worth noting that Scots tend to vote for the UK’s Labour party, which judging by recent history, seems to advocate both a fascist State directed economy and constant foreign wars.  It’s basically Britain’s version of the Democrat party.

However, as I pointed out in previous posts, there were plenty of reasons to want the UK to break up.  So I’m quite disappointed.

But I still am excited this almost happened.  Literally no one in the media or political elite advocated the English or the EU marching into Scotland and forcing the Scots back into the Union at gunpoint.  So all those Lincoln worshipers who claim the right of states to secede was “settled” by the “Civil” War have been exposed as hypocrites.  This is evidenced by a recent pole that shows 1 in 4 Americans favor their state seceding from the American Union.

As I’ve written before, the USA is not a real “Nation” in any meaningful sense of the word.  It’s a tax jurisdiction.  It’s a huge geographic area with over 300 million people from many different backgrounds and cultures that the elites can plunder to fuel their own egos and run their military Empire.  If you want to live in a free society, you need to favor abolishing the entire thing or at least reduce its authority to where all it does is administer sea ports and guard the borders.  Personally I would prefer abolishing it all together given the damage the Washington DC regime has done in my lifetime alone.

The Scottish vote also seems to have reinvigorated other Independence movements in Europe.  Perhaps there’s hope for that continent and its ancient cultures yet if they can trash the regime in Brussels, return to local autonomy, and limit immigration.

By the way, why isn’t the Welsh flag incorporated into the Union Jack?  Seems like it would make it a lot cooler:

Freedom for Wales!

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