TX Judge claims Obama Re-Election will lead to Civil War

Judge Tom Head is certainly an enemy of freedom. While I’m as concerned as the next guy over Obama’s preference for international organizations rather than Congress when it suits the expansionist goals of the Empire, the fear of “U.N. troops in Lubbock County” is absurd. Obama has his own private army of TSA agents, Homeland Security thugs, FBI, CIA, IRS, even the Social Security Administration┬áis armed to the teeth. Not to mention the actual US military is available for domestic operations. If he’s going to “hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations” is he really going to ask India and China to contribute troops to an occupying UN army? No he doesn’t need them. He can just issue regulations or executive orders based on UN directives. Texas, like every other state will go along with it.

Furthermore this idiot wants to raise taxes to hire more police to protect against this. Yeah that’s the solution to government tyranny. More government. How about just arming the citizenry. I think Texas is well ahead of most states on that rather simple solution.

This is more evidence that judges are just as bad as the politicians who appoint them.

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