Be very afraid of Ebola!!!!

I’m actually not very frightened by this Ebola outbreak.  I mean sure, it’s quite scary if you actually have the disease.  Looks like a horrible way to die.  But I think people are getting carried away.  As of this post, one person has caught the disease in the entire United States.  This is probably the one threat that is actually smaller than terrorism.  The whole thing reminds me of swine flu, bird flu, SARS, West Nile Virus and probably a bunch of other “outbreaks” I’m forgetting about.  Every year around this time the media try to scare us by exaggerating some UN or CDC bullshit that comes out.  Usually this results in a drug manufacturer making a fortune.  It remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody ends up making a bunch of money off Ebola.

What strikes me as particularly interesting about this whole thing, however, is the ridiculous contradictions we see coming from the Obama regime.  And I’m not even talking about misstatements like suggesting you can’t catch it by riding a bus, but you can spread it by riding a bus.  No, what I’m referring to is the way Obama simultaneously wants to downplay the threat, while also claiming the entire “world” must confront this threat that isn’t really dangerous.

Obama wants to send thousands of US troops to the African country of Liberia to direct traffic or something in the hope this will help fight the disease.  So in that sense it’s really dangerous and America must use its powerful military to stop this outbreak dead in its tracks!  But Americans shouldn’t worry that these troops could catch the disease themselves and bring it back to the good ‘ol USA because you know we’re exceptional so Ebola can’t hurt us.

Are we supposed to be scared into supporting the regime’s latest unnecessary, unconstitutional, and just plain stupid military invasion?  Or are we supposed to think it’s no big deal that can’t hurt us, in which case we have to ask why the hell he’s sending troops to Africa and maybe even ask how much it will cost.

My head hurts.  Don’t even get me started on ISIS or ISIL or Iraq or Syria or whatever the hell Obama’s current contradictory story is on that whole mess.

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