GOP Stealing Ron Paul Delegates for Mittens

Ben Swann at the local Fox affiliate in Cincinnati exposes the GOP’s violation of their own rules to suppress dissent at Romney’s coronation.  DO NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY! The Republicans are not better than the Democrats as long as they nominate Statist Warmongers.  Personally I am leaning toward voting for Gary Johnson. But the important thing is that both Mittens and Obomber get as few votes as possible. Don’t consent to their Republicrat rule. So if you don’t like Gary Johnson or any other fringe candidate, fine. They won’t be allowed to seriously compete anyway. The biased election laws force them to spend most of their resources just trying to get on ballots. But please stay home on election day rather than vote for “the lesser of two evils.”  They’re both evil. Don’t let the winner claim a mandate as our “democratically” elected leader by amassing a large number of votes.

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