The Pope has invaded America

I have no issue with the Pope visiting the United States per se.  I’m sure lots of Americans want to see Francis in person and listen to his fairy tales about Jesus being a communist or his lectures on how Germany should encourage more Muslims to immigrate there.  I once attended a conference where the former governor of Utah was paid a handsome fee to speak about healthcare for some reason.  So I’m well aware that people like to listen to celebrities say idiotic things on topics they know little about.  It’s certainly not limited to Catholics and their infatuation with the papacy.

However, why should the US government spend millions of dollars on security and other measures to accommodate His Holiness visit?  I’ll put aside any dogmatic libertarian theory here and look at this from a more conservative “is it good for the taxpayer?” argument.

  1. The Catholic Church has literally billions of dollars at its disposal.  If Church leaders think it’s important for the Pope to wander all over the planet, they can certainly afford to pay for his security.  Why does the Washington Regime find it necessary to provide Secret Service protection for a foreign priest?
  2. If Francis was assassinated, that would be a shame.  I’m against violence (unlike the Pope incidentally, as he has indicated he’d like global government which would require massive amounts of violence to bring about).  But how is his safety a vital national interest for American citizens?  If he died tomorrow, it wouldn’t affect the average person in this country.  A new Pope would be elected in an orderly fashion and life for everyone else would move on.
  3. We’re constantly told by the DC Regime and its Media mouthpieces that we live in a democracy where the will of the majority prevails.  But if you polled New Yorkers would most of them say they were okay with the traffic jams that will ensue?  Only about 20% of Americans are Catholic.  Less than half indicate they have any connection to the faith at all.  If you asked Americans to voluntarily contribute $10 each to pay for the Pope’s East Coast visit, do you really think anywhere near half would pony up?  I’m sure the answer is no, so why then is it appropriate to use their tax dollars for that purpose?
  4. There is no economic benefit that justifies the expenditure of public funds.  Many businesses are likely to be disrupted to make way for the Pope which will cost them money (and potentially lower the amount of taxes they pay to the various governments that rule over them).  Any crowds he draws into a city are likely to be mainly poor people who will not spend much so even the old Super-Bowl-as-an-economic-engine argument doesn’t hold water here.

So  Pope Francis, with all due respect (which is none), enter the United States at your own risk and follow the same laws Americans are forced to endure or stay the fuck out!

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