Random Chat with Friends 6.27.15

Sarah: Who’s participating in pride activities this weekend?!?!?!?

Zeek: NYC price Sundy is going to be insane I bet

Joe: Key west, FL

Sarah: Tomorrow is the one in SF…

Joe: Madness I’m sure

Sarah: But there is the pink taco march tonight, which is the lesbians onlyparade.

Zeek: Historic. If I didn’t have plans with Liz I’d go for sure

Joe: Haha. You guys have maybe heard other talk about this: think of all the gay people who never wanted to get married by now feel that extra pressure

Zeek: Def

Sarah: Gay men are so not monogamous

Joe: Dan Savage

Sarah: I work with this dude and he lives with his boyfriend. Every once in awhile, he’ll say he’s his husband when it’s convenient. But then he talks about they’re both on grinder and both actively date and fuck other dudes.

Joe: Interesting

Timothy: Springfield pride parade is just drunk angry O’Brien in a thong walking a poodle that he dyed pink

Sarah: Which confuses me because they live together, so how do you take someone home?

Timothy: He’s a lot different since he came out

Joe: I would pay a lot of money to support that

Sarah: Ha!

Timothy: Even more angry

Sarah: Ha! He’s here and he’s queer, so deal with it.

Timothy: That dude you work with is probably having some mad gay orgies

Sarah: Agreed. But he said it’s normal in gay culture. We had a convo about it.

Joe: First gay child born 8 months from now. Defies science. 1 in 7 billion chance

Sarah: I felt like there were so many mixed messages from him one night. You’re married? You’re not married? You’re in love with your boyfriend or your ducking other dudes (that’s right. I said ducking. It’s a gay sexual position).

Abraham: Ass baby. Ha!

Joe: Crazy. Different World

Abraham: I’m married and I know for sure Erin is not down with ducking anyone

Joe: Haha

Sarah: Ha!

Joe Because you’re not gay married

Sarah: Right?

Joe: Need to gay marry first

Abraham: She rarely even wants me to duck her

Sarah: Ha!

Joe: Funk that

Sarah: “Talk to the hand Abraham. We ain’t ducking tonight”

Abraham: I never would have gotten married if I knew it was going to be me ducking myself all the time

Sarah: Ha!

Abraham: I did plenty of that when I was single but at least I drunk and stoned

Joe: Well how fully sex robots will be here soon enough

Sarah: Get yourself gay married and you can duck all the time!

Abraham: Where’s my ipussy Apple!?!

Sarah: I’ll drive down to apple hq and picket with that sign.

Joe: I’ll tattoo that in my neck

Sarah: “It’s 2015. Where’s the iPussy already?”

Joe: Ducking take up arms and burn things. Flip over police cars

Timothy: Baltimore style

Sarah: Less self-administered hand jobs and more Steve Jobs helping a brother out!

Abraham: Ha!

Timothy: He was getting too close to perfecting sex robots. That’s why the CIA gave him cancer.

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