New Jersey has the highest COVID death rate in the country

New Jersey just reached a grim milestone at 3,000 deaths per million residents. If measured against all the countries in the world, it would be 3rd highest after only Hungary & Peru.

Meanwhile the Goldman Sachs alum posing as dictator of that state jets off to his villa in Italy to take a break from the destruction he’s caused.

Phil Murphy is up for reelection this year. He’s the only governor in the country running for reelection. New Jersey is the 11th most populated in state in the USA and is located in the biggest media market in the world, yet for some reason the media seem wholly uninterested in this election. The vast majority of people outside of NJ probably have no idea who he is. I wonder why.

I expect it will be called for a huge Democrat victory about 5 minutes after polls closed. Most voters will have cast their ballots weeks before election day.

RIP New Jersey. Much of the state was actually a nice place to live before Phil Murphy’s reign of terror.

Delta is here! We’re all going to Die!!!

Look how scary it is:

The delta variant of COVID-19 can have symptoms that are more mild and typically not associated with the virus that some may mistake the illness as allergies or another common sickness.

Oh My God! I might sneeze or have a sore throat! How will I ever live like that for a couple days? Give me my Pfizer Shot that won’t stop the infection, but I will only have mild symptoms and not these other mild symptoms! Save me Big Pharma! Dr. Fauci Help!!!

NPR goes full 1984

The official State radio station that we’re all forced to subsidize put out this little piece of Orwellian propaganda on its website:

“If you’ve stripped enough context away,” NPR chosen expert Jaime Settle said, “any piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation.”

Truth the regime doesn’t like is “misinformation.” These people have no shame in their lust for absolute power. The fact that millions of Americans cheer them on as they turn Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. into their de facto “ministry of truth” is frightening.

Record low numbers for MLB all star game

MLB famously decided to move its midsummer classic from a majority black city to a majority white city to show how much it cares about black people. Except that makes no sense. The real reason was because their commissioner wanted to suck up to Democrat politicians.

Well they had record low viewership last night Hopefully they’ll get the message that acting as a propaganda outlet for one of the major political parties is not good for business. Or maybe, like the tech firms, they don’t care and will just double down so that the left wing press will tell them how great their sport is now that no one watches it anymore.

At least they seem to have dropped most of their COVID theater. For now. Let’s see what happens next time the politicians ratchet up their fear campaign.

The Left hates free speech

Check out these responses from the 2021 American College Student Survey:

If a professor says something that students find offensive, should that professor be reported to the university?

  • Liberal/Liberal Leaning: 85% Yes; 15% No.
  • Conservative/Conservative Leaning: 41% Yes; 59% No.

If a student says something that other students find offensive, should that student be reported to the university?

  • Liberal/Liberal Leaning: 76% Yes; 24% No.
  • Conservative/Conservative Leaning: 31% Yes; 69% No.

49% of respondents reported being “Liberal” (that word has lost its original meaning obviously) while 25% reported being conservative.

Universities are no longer about free expression or free inquiry. They’re indoctrination centers where students are told what to think.