Another War President

Up to now, it’s my opinion Trump has been our best president since Reagan. That’s not saying much. I really should say he’s been our least bad president since Reagan. And Reagan wasn’t very good.

But when you look at Bush I, the Clintons, Cheney, and the people who came up with the words on Obama’s teleprompter, Trump was a slight improvement.

There’s the standard stuff you usually get from Republicans, a tiny bit lower taxes and a tiny bit fewer regulations. But of course, you take the good with the bad. Republicans also tend to increase spending even faster than Democrats and Trump is no exception.

Then there’s the Trump specific stuff which I tend to like, but I might be in the minority. He’s encouraged half the country not to trust the media which is a good thing since it constantly lies. He’s also mocked and derided the “woke” craziness that sprung up during Obama’s reign further escalating the PC war on free speech and traditional culture. And while he hasn’t done much to control immigration, it’s at least a topic that’s being debated, however childishly. Finally, he’s made lots of people lose respect for “the office” of President. It doesn’t deserve any respect so thank you Donald Trump!

The one thing that really set him apart was his foreign policy. Yes, he’s bombed a few places, and yes he continued the wars started by his predecessors. He’s even escalated the genocidal war going on in Yemen that Obama helped the Saudis start. For that, he should be in jail on war crimes. However, compared to previous presidents, he’s bombed much less. And he’s actually deescalated the war in Syria. It’s extremely rare for a president in recent decades to deescalate anything short of a catastrophic military defeat. So as bad as it continues to be on the war front, it was worse under previous administrations and would have been far worse under Hitlery.

But now Trump seems hell-bent on starting a war with Iran. How else can you describe his incredibly reckless actions over the past week where he’s bombed Iraqi Shia militias (that had been working with the US against ISIS) and then murdering one of their leading public figures at the Baghdad airport. And then sending thousands of more troops to the region to act as targets for Iranian revenge. That’s after several years of crippling sanctions on the country for no reason after they’d reached a deal with Obama.

I’m sure Iran doesn’t want a real war with the USA that would surely destroy their country. But they can’t simply allow Trump to attack them or other Shia Muslims every few days and do nothing to respond. They can only let themselves look bad for so long for domestic purposes.

If Trump thinks this will somehow help his reelection chances, I think he is sadly mistaken. His base wants nothing to do with it and no Democrat is going to support him on this or anything else. Hopefully Russia can control the Iranian regime and give Trump some phony agreement that will allow everyone to save face and back off from the brink of catastrophe.


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