Democrats are the new conservatives

Think about it. Their president is 78 and has been in government since the Vietnam era. Their Speaker of the House is even older. They’re on the same side as the entire establishment media and every major corporation on every single issue. They support the American Empire and want the US military to be able to intervene in any conflict anywhere on the planet. They accuse their political enemies of being Russian agents. They love the status quo on everything and get wildly offended if you question any of the current cultural orthodoxies. They want to continue the policy of mass subsidized immigration.

And look at people that are supposed “conservatives”. Do they really want to conserve anything going on right now? They want less spending. Spending hasn’t declined in the lifetime of any living person. They’re against foreign aid and overseas aggressive wars. The US has been increasing foreign aid and waging aggressive wars since World War II. They want friendly relations with Russia. They hate the current culture and want to radically alter it. They want less immigration. Immigration has been increasing for the last 50 years.

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