NJ LTC deaths update 7.12.20

I haven’t been keeping up with this on a daily basis the last couple weeks. But as they try to figure out a way to keep the death counts up, my guess is a lot of it is old LTC deaths from months ago that they’re flipping to COVID based on symptoms. May be true, may not be true, but we know Murphy killed a lot of seniors by spreading this virus throughout nursing homes. LTC facilities now account for basically half the deaths.

Holiday reporting lull causing uptick in deaths this week?

I obviously can’t know whether this has anything to do with it, but if you look at the last uptick in the 7-day average it was a few days after Memorial Day 5/25. It had been dropping consistently for several weeks and then on 5/25 it stopped dropping, then it kind of flattened out, and then there was a slight uptick on 5/31 through 6/2. We could be seeing something similar as deaths seemed to bottom out on 7/3-7/5 and then jumped up on 7/7 and remained high for the next 2 days

It’s possible due to Holiday weekends the reported numbers are backlogged more than usual and it causes these potentially artificial spikes even in the 7-day averages. You saw huge one-day spikes on 5/27 and then 7/7. The difference may be that 7/8 and 7/9 included some of the post-July 4 spike since it didn’t drop down as much as you would expect like it did on 5/28.

Then next week we’ll see something similar to the last week of June, maybe even a bit lower. At least let’s hope so.

Corona deaths on the rise?

Well there has been an uptick in reported COVID deaths this week so the hysteria will be ramped up even higher. We’ll all be locked down again next week if we aren’t already. Faces must be covered if you dare leave your house and even if you are in your house, you should probably wear a mask anyway.

It’s also worth noting that apparently Trump caused the “spike in cases” in Oklahoma by holding a political rally there. Meanwhile, we all know mass protests or gay pride celebrations never cause these spikes.

All of this propaganda makes it more important than ever to look at all-cause deaths as these Corona stats are easily manipulated. When deaths are down they talk about cases and “long term health effects” but that’s just straight-up bullshit to feed the hysteria whenever they can’t point to deaths. If COVID deaths start to greatly exceed “excess” deaths something is probably up.

Unfortunately, the CDC data lags on this, but we’ll start to learn the truth in the next few weeks. Of course, by then they’ll have a new narrative out if they need to while never going back and admitting any mistakes. By “they” I mean Democrats, “health experts” milking this virus for the money and fame it provides them, and of course the Media.

USA Trends as of today.

While any deaths are of course tragedies, there is still no real evidence lockdowns have helped. And of course, there are obvious problems associated with lockdowns which can contribute to health risks and death outside of this one virus.

Excess deaths update 7.9.20

Well, the deaths continue to fall, but the media and Fauci assure us that this is not good news. The fact that fewer people are dying from COVID means it’s even more dangerous than we could have ever imagined and now masks mandates and lockdowns are going into overdrive. Hopefully, we’ve reached peak insanity and things will start to level out, but unfortunately, I doubt it.

The power elite will milk this virus for all it’s worth as they think that’s good politics. The fact that they may be literally destroying the country is of no apparent concern to them. They just want power. If they impoverish millions. If they eliminate most of what makes life worth living. If they end up losing physical territory over this as some people reach their breaking point. Well, I guess they figure it’s worth it.

Entire US:

State comparisons. Lockdowns vs formerly free states (Georgia is still relatively free I think, but Florida is all locked down as of last week):

New Jersey where Der Fuhrer Murphy decided yesterday that all his tax serfs & tax dependents must wear masks at all times when outdoors because Science! Even though half the deaths in the state occurred in nursing homes because of his own policies ordering them to accept COVID positive patients.

Model Update 7.9.20

Comparison of the Death Model posted in mid-June to actual CDC numbers. Does not appear the model that predicted a 2nd wave of deaths has been accurate thus far. Hasn’t stopped the fear porn from ratcheting up to new absurd heights, however.

Excess deaths update 7.1.20

Data are lagging, but not seeing anything on a national level that would justify all the hysteria we’ve been hearing lately:

State comparisons looking at the evil irresponsible Republican states vs the good, responsible Democrat states:

And here’s the comparison between NY and FL. Cuomo recently tried to make the claim that he did a better job handling the virus than the FL governor

A look at NJ where the governor recently changed his mind and dictated that no one is allowed to have dinner in a restaurant over the July 4 weekend after previously stating it would meet his approval on July 2.

And here’s a look at Wisconsin that opened without any conditions due to a court order way back in Mid-May:

NJ LTC deaths update 6.29.20

Since 5/21 NJ has reported an increase in “confirmed” COVID deaths of 2,535. They’ve reported an increase in “confirmed” COVID deaths of LTC residents of 2,085 which would suggest they account for 82% of the increase in that timeframe.

Here’s a graph of the overall daily increases in COVID deaths back to early May. I would note that I occasionally fail to update this so the days after some 0 totals likely have 2 or 3 days’ worth of reported deaths:

NJ LTC deaths update

LTC deaths still seem to account for most of the increases. Increases seem to be declining as well. So this is basically all good news. The virus is less and less of a threat in the Garden State and almost no threat to the average healthy person.