Black Hebrew Israelites strike again

Remember when all the State propaganda outlets joined together to lie to the citizenry and defame white males back in January? The story’s been memory-holed of course, but if you’ll recall, a group of white Catholic kids was on a field trip to the imperial capital when a number of black people began taunting them with racial insults. In the midst of this verbal abuse, an old Indian banged a drum in some white kid’s face. The corporate media immediately reframed this where because the kid smiled, he was somehow “disrespecting” the Indian “elder” and exhibiting “white privilege” and racism. The group of black people shouting racial slurs was completely ignored at first. Then when alternative media reported the actual facts of what had happened, they completely misrepresented this black supremacist group as old fashioned harmless street corner preachers.

Well, guess what, some Black Hebrew Israelites have just murdered some Jews in New Jersey. This doesn’t fit the narrative of evil whites so I imagine this will get dropped in the next few days. This story’s way too uncomfortable to even be used to advance gun-grabbing.

Happy Veterans Day! (with exceptions)

Today is the day that all Americans must unquestionably salute every man, woman, or non-binary individual that has ever worn the Empire’s uniform. It doesn’t matter whether they ever saw combat. It doesn’t matter how they conducted themselves during their service. It doesn’t matter how they’ve conducted themselves since leaving the service. Nothing matters except that they signed up, for pay, to assist the Washington Regime in enforcing its worldwide military empire in some capacity.

However, there are exceptions. I would like to point out the two most obvious here:

  1. Tulsi Gabbard. Despite serving in the war to finally conquer Iraq, she now questions the need to even have an empire. She thinks the point of the US government should be to see to the needs of US citizens, not imposing its will on peoples located thousands of miles away. Apparently she believes these crazy things because she’s’ been brainwashed by the evil Russians or she’s on their payroll or something. Just ask Hillary Clinton.
  2. Bradley/Chelsea Manning. He exposed the lies and deceptions foisted on the American people by the State and state-controlled media. Of particular interest was a video showing US soldiers laughing as they killed unarmed Iraqis. Now the State needs its lies and deceptions in order to maintain the Empire so, therefore, Manning is a traitor and belongs in jail. The guys laughing in that video did their duty so go ahead and buy them breakfast at Denny’s or give up your seat on an airplane or whatever.

Happy Armistice Day

“Putin is the New King of Syria”

According to the War Street Journal. Every single House Democrat that bothered to vote, voted to condemn Trump for pulling troops out of Northeastern Turkey. The majority of Republicans joined them. That’s right, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Cheney are on the same size on this one, calling for endless War. Everyone in Washington outside Trump and his dwindling number of allies thinks Washington needs to rule Syria and the entire Middle East. How can it be any other way? USA and Israel good, everyone else bad. That’s about as much thought as these fools have put into it.

If Putin wants to be King of Syria, I say let him. Why would Trump or any American want anything to do with that place? What’s in it for us? When did putting the interests of US citizens over those of some ethnic minority 6,000 miles away become unthinkable? When did being anti-war become evil? When did endless killing and the destruction of foreign countries become virtuous?

A few questions for all these people on Facebook so concerned about the poor Kurds in Syria

When did you first hear about Kurds?

Where do most Kurds live?

What makes someone a Kurd?

What religion are Kurds?

How many Kurds are there?

Should Kurdistan be an independent country? If so what should its borders be?

Are you in favor of continued US membership in NATO?

Are you aware Turkey is a NATO member?

Should the United States declare war on Turkey to defend the Kurds?

If the United States goes to war against another NATO member, what is the purpose of that alliance?

Is it ok to be an “Assad apologist” now that the Kurds are allied with Assad?

How many American troops should be sent to Syria to defend the Kurds against Turkey?

How many people are in the Turkish armed forces?

How many US soldiers do you think is acceptable to have killed defending the Kurds?

Can you name one Kurd?

When did the Kurds become allies of the United States?

What have the Kurds done that has benefited American citizens?

How long should the United States have armed forces in Syria?

Can you ever envision a time when the Kurds do not feel threatened and it’s safe for American troops to leave?

Is there ever a case where an ethnic or minority group somewhere in the world is in danger, and it is not the responsibility of the US armed forces to intervene?

Would you personally fight and die for the Kurds? Would you send your children to fight and die for them?

Why can’t someone primary Lindsey Graham into retirement?

He could go be a Fox Analyst or maybe write for the Washington Post. He could join some neocon think tank. Maybe he could team up with Cindy McCain and dedicate his life to curating a John McCain Museum of Death and Destruction. It would be easier for Libertarians and other non-interventionists to ignore him if he wasn’t a sitting US Senator.

But unfortunately his tweets get almost as much attention as Trump’s:

It gets tiring to try to confront this line of “reasoning” based on ignorance, but here’s a real quick rebuttal:

WWII: Germany never intended to or had the capability to attack the United States. Japan attacked the United States as a response to Roosevelt’s oil embargo and refusal to negotiate. FDR intended for Pearl Harbor to happen so he could back his way into the European War. (Not to mention, why is Hawaii part of the United States?)

9/11: Bill Clinton had starved hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq while his UN ambassador bragged about it on national television.

Plus there were US Troops in Saudi Arabia and a one-sided approach to the Israel-Palestine issue.

So “Isolationism” has never been tried since WWI on any foreign policy issue and Lindsay Graham should just shut up and retire already.

Ellen loves Bush

After all, she kind of redefined her career around it back in the 90s…oh wait different Bush.

Actually Ellen’s new BFF is the Left’s pre-Trump Hitler, George W. Bush. Back in the 2000’s, Bush was reviled by everyone left of Mitt Romney. Protests were held in every major city in the Western World with people carrying signs comparing him to the Nazi leader.

Now? Well, Trump is the real Hitler and W is actually a pretty good guy. I mean, sure Bush is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths overseas, but he was for mass immigration. He was for minorities getting into irresponsible levels of debt. He was politically correct on most issues. He massively expanded the Welfare State. His dad was buddies with Bill Clinton. He never once criticized St. Obama after leaving office, but was quick to criticize the Evil Donald. And of course, he did his best to basically destroy the Republican Party. It’s a shame a few countries had to be reduced to rubble in an attempt to satisfy his neocon handlers’ blood lust, but the Left has more important priorities.

Why is Washington arming Ukraine anyway?

The fundamental question no one in the Democrat/Neocon media is bothering to ask is why the US State is giving military or any other aid to Ukraine in the first place. How is it in the interest of Americans for billions of US tax dollars to be handed over to a foreign government located more than 5,000 miles east of North America? If anything, this can only hurt the national security of the United States by aggravating relations with nuclear-armed Russia.

But Trump and Putin are Nazis so I’m racist for even bringing this up. Or something along those lines.