Chaos at the Capitol

I have to admit I enjoyed seeing ordinary people storming the Capitol Building at least to some extent. The regime in DC is evil and doesn’t deserve our respect, devotion, admiration, and certainly not our tax dollars.

But I have a hard time getting behind these Trump supporters for the simple fact that I don’t support Trump. I mean that’s really their end goal is to just have Trump remain president. He was president for all of 2020 and yet we still saw a new level of totalitarianism I never thought possible in the USA. He was powerless to stop it and even helped encourage it at the start.

It’s also not going to work. It’s not like because they interrupted some constitutional procedure that the entire Federal Government is just going to let Trump remain in office. Even if they did cheat, some people rampaging through their “hallowed chambers” isn’t going to make them admit it.

No, instead all this will do is give our overlords an excuse to crack down even harder on any future protests and lock up any dissidents who played any role in this. That won’t be good for anyone except the tyrants.

Overcounting COVID deaths?

Something seems to have shifted in October where COVID deaths began matching “excess” deaths almost exactly. Previously Excess deaths were much higher than the COVID death counts.

So what could account for this?

  1. Lockdowns were loosened enough to stop causing excess deaths beyond COVID. People stopped being afraid to go to the doctor. Less suicides and drug overdoses. Less social isolation. Etc.
  2. They were previously undercounting COVID deaths and now they’re not.
  3. They’re overcounting COVID deaths.

The early trend for late November into December is that there are far more COVID deaths than Excess Deaths. It remains to be seen whether it truly plays out that way. There is a painfully long lag on the data. But assuming it does, what are the possibilities for that?

  1. Deaths would have been below average if not for COVID. This is possible and at some point, deaths will probably drop below average since many of the sick and elderly people who would have died in 2021, died in 2020 due to COVID.
  2. All the restrictions in place to fight COVID are lowering the deaths due to other causes. Although why wasn’t that happening before now?
  3. They’re overcounting COVID deaths.

Kamala is a serial liar

Her latest tall tale plagiarizes a story told by MLK about a baby yelling “FWEEDOM” at a Civil Rights Rally. He was talking about a girl he saw in Birmingham, while Kamala’s fantasy took place in Oakland.

This is on top of these other obvious lies:

She claims her family celebrated Kwanzaa as a child. Kwanzaa didn’t even exist when she was born, but supposedly her Indian mother enthusiastically celebrated the holiday up in Montreal, Canada shortly after it was invented by American black separatists.

She called Joe Biden a racist in the Democratic primary. Since she became his running mate she either lied during the Democrat debates (which she now claims) or she’s lying that she doesn’t think he’s racist now and just wants to be his Vice President anyway.

She lied about which rappers she listened to in college just to sound cool.

She claimed her nephew was crying on the night she won election to the Senate because he was so upset over Trump’s victory. There’s no evidence either way on this, but this was a typical ploy of Leftist authors during the Trump years about how their “children” were so upset at Trump or racism or something. Seems almost certain that her ghostwriter used this cheap phony antecdote the way NY Times opinion writers do.

These were just ones I thought of off the top of my head and did a quick internet search to link to. I’m sure there are others and she’ll give us new ones each time she opens her deranged cackling mouth.

Should be fun to watch.

Democrats are the new conservatives

Think about it. Their president is 78 and has been in government since the Vietnam era. Their Speaker of the House is even older. They’re on the same side as the entire establishment media and every major corporation on every single issue. They support the American Empire and want the US military to be able to intervene in any conflict anywhere on the planet. They accuse their political enemies of being Russian agents. They love the status quo on everything and get wildly offended if you question any of the current cultural orthodoxies. They want to continue the policy of mass subsidized immigration.

And look at people that are supposed “conservatives”. Do they really want to conserve anything going on right now? They want less spending. Spending hasn’t declined in the lifetime of any living person. They’re against foreign aid and overseas aggressive wars. The US has been increasing foreign aid and waging aggressive wars since World War II. They want friendly relations with Russia. They hate the current culture and want to radically alter it. They want less immigration. Immigration has been increasing for the last 50 years.

Trump’s legacy

It sucks. Here were his big 3 issues:

Less immigration: He did nothing to limit it in any significant way. If it does slow down it will be because governors have destroyed the economies of the states most attractive to immigrants. It won’t be because of anything Trump did.

Trade war with China. It doesn’t matter what tariffs or other policies that were, or were not implemented. China seems to be open for business and has moved on from COVID. Meanwhile, trump allowed Fauci to convince local politicians to implement policies in the USA which have shut down much of the economy. China is in a much stronger position relative to the US than it was when Trump assumed office.

Ending the wars. He hasn’t ended any. Troops are still in all the countries they were in when he was inaugurated.

So basically it was a disaster. He allowed his political enemies to institute totalitarianism on a level never before seen in the USA while not following through on any of his campaign promises. He also killed even the idea of fiscal responsibility once and for all. We now have unlimited spending/inflation as the standard operating procedure of government.

Were there any positives? Yes.

He exposed the media for the propagandists they are. Half the country refuses to believe anything they say and that’s a good thing.

He refused to escalate the situation in Syria and avoided a large war that would have involved Russia and Iran.

He convinced the right in this country to be antiwar. Let’s hope that lasts.

Is there anything he can do over the last few weeks to make his legacy slightly better? Yes.

Pardon Snowden and Assange. Pull all troops out of Afghanistan.

Will he do anything over the last few weeks that make his legacy slightly better? Not likely.

Worst people of 2020

I’d have to devote 6 months of my life and write a book to do this right. So here’s some hate-filled rant I came up with off the top of my head:

  1. Donald Trump: I actually voted for him, but it was due to hatred for the Democrats and disgust with the way the Libertarian Party ran their campaign. Trump allowed himself to be manipulated into declaring COVID an emergency which set the state for the lockdowns and tyranny we’ve suffered under since March. He did this based on the advice of people who hate him and wanted him removed from office. He then ran a confused campaign where he tried to have it both ways. Being anti-lockdown, but taking credit for a great Government response that included lockdowns. He also warned about election fraud while being completely unprepared to combat it in any meaningful way. He’s spent the last few months pretending he’s going to serve another term which has distracted his supporters and made them sound increasingly delusional. He’s also failed to end any wars. Hopefully, the few principled people inside the GOP (Rand Paul, Thomas Massie) can move on from the Trump era and serve as meaningful opposition to the Deep State.
Trump's Top Coronavirus Expert: The President Is Full of Shit | Vanity Fair

2. Most governors. This basically goes for all Democrat governors, Republican governors in Blue States, and the tyrant in Ohio. With the exception of Kristi Noem, all governors have done some truly evil things this year, but there’s no point in bashing the Republicans in Red States who have mainly resisted the COVID hysteria and removed most restrictions. No, this post is about the Gavin Newsoms, Andrew Cuomos, and Phil Murphys who have decimated the Middle Class in their states, forced most honest hard-working people to flee or make plans to, and many cases actually increased the death counts via exposing nursing home patients to COVID or simply driving people to suicide or overdoses. There’s a special place in Hell for these tyrants.

Phil Murphy Ranks 34th Worst Governor and New Jersey Ranks 41st Worst Run  State

3. Anthony Fauci. This sack of shit has admitted to lying about masks and herd immunity thresholds, but we’re supposed to believe he’s telling us his honest opinion now. He constantly contradicts himself about if and when the various lockdown policies should be used. He’s never had even a fraction of the attention he now enjoys at any point in his career in the DC Swamp and he’s loving every minute of it. If it’s up to him (and Biden apparently thinks it is) he will never let the COVID hysteria end. It’s made him famous beyond his wildest imagination, and he gets nothing but praise from the media and half the country. It’s nothing but condescending fear porn spewing from this fraud’s mouth in between obnoxious smirks. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt such contempt for one man in my entire life.

Anthony Fauci talks with Jefferson doctors about coronavirus vaccines, herd  immunity, and how long we'll need masks : LockdownSkepticism

4. Kamala Harris. It would be shorter to list all the things not horrible about her (her haircut seems ok). She seems incapable of not lying or not bursting into inappropriate laughter when being interviewed. I’ll just leave you with one of her more recent lies:

If this doesn’t strike you as obvious bullshit, you’re beyond hopeless.

5. Alyssa Milano. She’s kind of a stand-in for all Hollywood celebrities, but this sanctimonious airhead feels her years on Charmed and Who’s the Boss leaves her uniquely qualified to offer her advice on politics. Of course, in 2020, everything is political so we get to hear from her on economics, epidemiology, racism, morality, and any other topic you can think of. I especially enjoyed this tweet which I believe lead her to stop allowing replies:

As if she has anywhere near 1/3 of Joe Rogan’s listeners. She’s clearly delusional.

6. Jimmy Kimmel. This requires no explanation. Anyone who likes Jimmy Kimmel is my enemy.

Jimmy Kimmel | Biography, TV Shows, & Facts | Britannica

Libertarian position on immigration

There are a few issues libertarians love to argue about. One of those is immigration.

I like this twitter account and agree with most of the tweets. But I think this line of reasoning on immigration is way off base. You hear it all the time among many libertarians that enforcing immigration laws violates the Non-Aggression Principle or that people have a natural right to the freedom of movement. I disagree on several fronts.

I will concede that in a Stateless society there would be no borders like we currently have. It wouldn’t be up to one entity to repel all people seeking to cross the Rio Grande.

But keep in mind all property would be privately owned. So it would be up to individual landowners to invite in or refuse entry to anyone who comes along. So there is no freedom of movement. In a truly free society, you can only travel at the pleasure of the owners of the properties you seek to enter.

Currently, the State claims ownership of huge portions of land in the US including almost all transportation infrastructure. “Legal” US residents are taxed to pay for this infrastructure. The State can either allow or disallow immigrants to use this land and travel freely on it. If you believe no immigration laws should be enforced under this situation, then you’re basically saying anyone, anywhere in the world, can show up in the USA and use public land with no thought to where the cost burden lies. If a million Chinese people flock into Oklahoma City all at once, then no one can stop them and the State will just have to build more roads I suppose.

Beyond just the issue of public land, the State violates the freedom of association of its subjects. So if a group of property owners would prefer to not accommodate foreigners, they have no legal right to do so under the current regime. Own an apartment building, restaurant, retail store? You can’t discriminate against anyone the State has let into the country. Set aside whether you think it’s good or bad to have your town’s demographics radically altered. The fact is, the local existing residents are barred from legally doing so if they desire. Their local governments are forced to do the same by the DC regime so that they must provide emergency services and education to any immigrant minors. This is not freedom under any sense of the word.

Why is it so morally virtuous to be “pro” immigration anyway? Is it somehow evil to prefer your own culture to foreign ones? Is every foreign culture going to automatically enrich the American one? That’s a value judgment where the State favors the immigrant and pro-immigrant crowd against the restrictions. It’s not a black-and-white libertarian issue. The obvious thought experiment to counter the pro-immigration view is whether you think the people of Japan would be morally wrong to oppose a million Russians moving into their country every year or if they have a right to maintain their society as they see fit.

Finally, I don’t understand the libertarians who think mass immigration into the US is going to lead to a freer society. It’s just not practical. The country has gotten less free as the immigrant level has increased. Foreigners and their children don’t favor smaller government, quite the opposite. If you think a million central Americans arriving in California are going to read the Road to Serfdom and vote for Spike Cohen, you’re dreaming.

Excess deaths?

The media and politicians are in full-fledged panic mode right now and have half the country whipped up into a frenzy that COVID is on the warpath and it will be even worse than before and it’s all because of evil science deniers. So far this latest “wave” hasn’t produced the excess deaths you would expect given all the hype according to the CDC data:

I imagine there will be more overall deaths reported as we get November data in. But we do need to reserve judgment on just how terrible things really are as we advance into this new flu season.

It’s also interesting how through most of the lockdown period there were more excess deaths than reported COVID deaths. Considering how loose they are with slapping COVID on as many death certificates as possible, this suggests that the lockdowns themselves are causing deaths unrelated to the virus.

Do lockdowns really work?

I’m obviously very skeptical. Seems like it just hits general regions of the country the same no matter what politicians do. Here’s a look based on regions used by Health & Human Services:

Kansas City
San Fransisco