Are all riots equal?

I have a hard time wrapping my head around someone who claims to be libertarian and gets outraged at citizens storming the capitol building while excusing or downplaying rioters burning and looting businesses.

I don’t condone violence and I think what happened yesterday in Washington is likely to be counterproductive toward any advance of liberty in this country. However, if you are upset with the State (which is aggressive by its very nature), it’s at least “less bad” morally to attack a State facility than it is to burn down a restaurant or gas station. You’re going after the actual aggressor not just lashing out at innocent bystanders.

Let’s also not forget that while they invaded “the People’s House” and disrupted a session of Congress, they did very little damage and the only person killed was one of the unarmed MAGA protesters who was shot by a police officer. So the selective outrage over this particular “violence” is somewhat hypocritical, to say the least after what we saw over the summer in cities around the country.

And I certainly don’t feel bad for the Congressmen and their staffers who were scared, poor babies. 99% of them are evil sociopaths who routinely vote to condone violence and tyranny around the world. They deserve a little discomfort. I feel much more sympathy for a small business owner who saw his life’s work go up in flames.