Obama sending troops, drones to help French reconquer their African empire

Emperor Obama is sending 100 troops to set up a drone base in Niger. This will assist the French forces “battling Islamic militants in neighboring Mali.”

So the first “African-American” president will expand his drone murdering campaign into Africa to help white European imperialists.  Won’t all the “African-Americans” with their fake African names be proud?  I guess so since he did the same thing in Libya, and most of them voted for him again anyway.

The cost of government taking action to combat “climate change”

This RT story makes the claim that energy prices in the UK have risen 160% since 2004.  This is a result of shutting down “dirty” coal power plants and pretending they can rely on “alternative” energy sources like the wind and the sun to meet demand in a 21st century, formerly industrialized nation.  In fact it seems they’re just importing more of their fuel and driving up the cost to the people unfortunate enough to live there.  Politicians in Brussels and London (just like governments in all Western countries) believe they can tax energy companies, shut down certain power plants, and build windmills, and somehow this will control the Earth’s climate so that it never changes from the temperatures we enjoyed back in 1987 or 1995 or whenever they think the perfect year was.  Have more ridiculous delusions of grandeur.ever existed in human history?

DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

As far as I know, there’s no evidence that the DHS actually purchased any of these targets of kids, pregnant women, elderly men, and other common Americans.  Still, I would urge people to read the article at Infowars.  If true, It is frightening that one of their suppliers would create these.  As the article points out, their mere existence suggests that there is a demand among some law enforcement officials for this type of thing.

Medical Marijuana Raises Fears Over Reach of Occupational Licensing Laws

Here’s an interesting Reason article by J.D. Tucille  It raises the issue of whether doctors who participate in a state’s medical marijuana “certification process” could jeopardize their medical licenses.  The problem is of course that Federal law still says any possession of marijuana is illegal.  The article’s inconclusive because basically no one knows exactly how this could play out.

The last paragraph is something everyone who depends on a government license to operate should read:

People in many occupations often find licensing an easy way to “professionalize” their industries and to, quite honestly, raise an often stupid and expensive barrier to entry so as to protect the income of existing practitioners. But, in doing so, they turn the right to make a living into a state-granted privilege. And the power to revoke that privilege is exercised by government officials who might be moved to act by the use of medical marijuana — or anything else that displeases them.

Which propaganda film will win best picture?

It looks bad for “Zero Dark Thirty.” That’s the film showing how the US government allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden. The source for the movie is apparently the government itself. Hollywood has soured on it because it depicts torture as the key ingredient to locating Emmanuel Goldstein Bin Laden. Keep in mind that the government never produced any evidence that they killed the al-Qaeda mastermind. They say they immediately “buried him at sea” which somehow conformed with Islamic law.  Anyone outside the government seeing his dead body would have upset Allah, but gunning him down was okay I guess.

“Argo” may win.  It depicts the CIA as heroes for rescuing some hostages in Iran and leaving out the whole history of the CIA overthrowing the earlier democratically elected government.  They then installed a brutal dictator which lead to the revolution which caused Americans to be taken hostage in the first place. Gotta love the CIA. Let’s give them a freaking Oscar.

The other movie nominated is the fantasy masquerading as history called “Lincoln.”  This movie is pure nonsense.  It tells the story of Lincoln using a bunch of sleazy political tricks to win passage of the 13th amendment which outlawed slavery.  The fact that this never happened shouldn’t stop people from applauding a movie that glorifies a man chiefly responsible for at least 600,000 deaths including around 50,000 civilians.  People will often say Lincoln’s war was necessary to end slavery.  Putting aside the fact that Lincoln started this over other issues, mainly collecting tariffs, is 600,000 casualties acceptable to end slavery?  What would have been the limit?  A million?  10 million?  If we find out they’re practicing slavery in some African country today, should the US government drop a nuclear weapon and kill every person there?

Remember a few years ago when Republicans were all upset that Hollywood supposedly hated “America” by which they meant the government?  I wish that were true.

CIA whistle blower to go to jail

John Kiriakou a former CIA agent who blew the whistle on the Bush regime’s torture program is about to begin a 2 year jail sentence at the hands of Obama’s justice department. In this RT interview he discusses his ordeal and how Obama has largely continued Bush’s counter-terrorism policies. What’s really sad is near the end of the interview he says he was a big Obama supporter. He was naive enough to think someone who could slime their way to the top of the Democratic party with vague rhetoric about “change” was actually going to change things. I guess if you dedicate your life to the CIA, it’s hard to accept that the State is not something to be reformed through different leadership, but something that needs to be completely dismantled.

Ex-Rockwood, MI police officer Christian Zieminski pleads guilty over sexual misconduct with prisoner

Zieminski plead guilty to “failure to uphold the law.”  He won’t actually be charged with the “sexual misconduct” he engaged in with his female prisoner/victim. You see sexually assaulting or harassing a defenseless woman is not the issue. He didn’t uphold THE LAW. The state can’t have its law enforcement officers not properly enforcing THE LAW!

He will lose his job with Rockwood, but don’t be surprised if he shows up somewhere else in a government costume, with a state sanctioned badge and gun. He was fired from the Brownstown Twp PD in 2006 after having sex with a 17 year old high school student at the government indoctrination center where he was stationed as a “school liaison officer.” That didn’t stop Rockwood from hiring him.

Feds to legalize marijuana?

Some congressmen plan on introducing legislation to legalize marijuana and tax it. This specific development is a long shot so it’s hardly worth commenting on, but as for legalizing marijuana on the federal level, I have mixed feelings. Some thoughts:

If it was just straight up legalization with no strings attached, I’d be 100% for it, but any bill to legalize marijuana would mean the Feds would “regulate” it.  That’s almost never a good thing.

While the DEA might lose some of its power regarding marijuana, it would be transferred over to the ATF.  I’m not sure that’s really anything to be happy about.

One of the great things about the gains made in marijuana freedom so far, is that it’s been cities and states that have been nullifying Federal law.  I like the idea of Federal laws being ignored.  I’d hate to lose momentum on that front.

Legalizing and taxing marijuana would mean increase revenue to the Federal government. I’m absolutely against that.

In general though I would say that if the Feds ever wised up and ended, or at least scaled back, the drug war, it would be a win for individual freedom.  So I shouldn’t be too pessimistic if something like this happens.  It would be a sign that the police state is losing its grip.  It would also indicate that the majority of the population sees how stupid it is to make a weed illegal.

The prison lobby, the alcohol lobby, the pharmaceutical lobby, and the police unions will not let this happen anytime soon.

My prediction is the Feds won’t change policy until a majority of the states have legalized marijuana to some extent.