“Conservatives” love war

Drudge linked to an article on the conservative website cnsnews.com rehashing some old quotes by Secretary of State John Kerry against missile defense back in 1986. Fair enough. The guy’s a hypocrite. He made his name as an anti-war Vietnam Vet and since 9/11 he’s basically supported every war (except for the one famous vote where he voted against funding Iraq for dubious reasons). Now that he’s Secretary of the Empire he’s overseeing diplomacy for a regime using that same missile defense system he was against nearly 30 years ago.

But what I want to briefly discuss are the absurd comments left by people who I’m sure consider themselves “conservatives.” The bulk of them are suggesting Obama is weak or a “communist” for not attacking North Korea over the silly threats made by that country’s dictator. Since when is it conservative to advocate a war on behalf of wealthy Asian countries? Since when is it conservative for Americans to have billions of their stolen tax dollars used to defend wealthy Asian countries. I’m talking here about South Korea and Japan which could easily afford their own defense and would almost certainly defeat North Korea in a war without American help. It would be a very bloody and devastating war, but isn’t that all the more reason for American conservatives to want to stay out? Why would they want American soldiers to die for South Korea? Those that suggest North Korea could attack the United States are just plain stupid. I can’t even say ignorant. They are stupid because they haven’t even allowed themselves to use common sense on the matter. North Korea has no significant Navy or Air Force and no way of shooting a Nuclear Weapon that far. They only have 2 or 3. Would they really waste them trying to hit Alaska when it’s more likely it would end up in the Ocean somewhere?

These fake Rush Limbaugh/George Bush conservatives need a history lesson. The Korean war was launched by a New Deal Democrat named Harry Truman who didn’t even bother to ask permission from the Congress. He claimed he didn’t have to because he had authority from the United Nations. This is the same UN that conservatives constantly say the US should withdraw from and kick out of New York. He did not intervene on this far away peninsula because North Korea was any kind of threat to the United States, but because he was concerned about communism spreading to Japan. This is the same Japan that five years earlier he had assured the American people was pure evil, and he needed to murder hundreds of thousands of their civilians rather than let them surrender so they could never threaten America again. It was a Republican named Dwight Eisenhower who came in and ended that dreadful war without winning it because he was sane enough to know it wasn’t in his country’s interest to keep wasting money and lives on some 3rd world country no Americans could find on a map. I guess Ike was a traitor, weak on defense, or a communist based on current conservative reasoning.

Exaggerating the threat to cops

Here’s a great article by Radley Balko about why the media need to stop exaggerating the threat cops face on the job.  His argument is to state the fact that they are no more likely to be killed than the average resident of a large city.  Radley is no Libertarian (the article is at the Huffington Post after all), but he makes a lot of great points.  The main idea is that by telling cops how dangerous their job is, it makes them see the people they interact with as the enemy. This leads to distrust among the public and abuse at the hands of the police.

While there are several things a freedom lover might disagree with, the only thing I want to point out in this space is the absurdity of these sentences:

cops assume a risk when they sign up for the job. That risk involves putting the safety of others above their own. That’s kind of the whole point of having law enforcement officers in the first place.

The point of having law enforcement officers is to enforce the arbitrary whims of our government masters which is what Americans today consider “the law.”  It has nothing to do with the safety of others.  How does locking someone in a cage for growing a plant protect anyone’s safety?

Mr. Balko is demonstrating the naive thinking about the nature of the state that needs to be greatly reduced in this country if we are ever to regain our liberties.

I’m grateful to live in a city and a state and a country where I strongly support my mayor, my governor, my president and my senators and my representative

That’s what Chelsea Clinton had to say had to tell the Democrat Party News, otherwise known as NBC. Apparently if she didn’t feel this way she would consider running for office herself.

The fact that she supports the tyrants Bloomberg (I’ll take your guns, frisk you, and tell you what to eat and drink), Cuomo (I’ll take your guns), Schumer (I’ll take your guns and your money and give them to Israel) and Obama (You shouldn’t have guns, but I can murder anybody I want) tells you all you need to know about this woman.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m not sure which sociopath “represents” her particular neighborhood, but chances are his main concern is Israel Lobby cash.

So I guess if someone less objectionable than these 21st century fascists gains power in New York or the Federal executive branch, we will be subjected to a Representative or Senator Chelsea.  And make no mistake, she will win.

States want to use gold as legal tender

Several states are pushing bills to allow gold to be used as legal tender.  This is a good thing, although it won’t in its own right stop the Federal Reserve from draining the nation’s wealth.

It should be obvious to thoughtful people we are not a free people if we are forced to accept government paper as currency to conduct business.  If we are truly “free” why can’t we use whatever we want?

The answer is obvious.  The government wouldn’t be able to spend endlessly if they didn’t force us to use a fiat currency.  This would bring down the Empire and all hope would be lost for creating the “New World Order” we’ve been hearing so much about lately.