Scott Walker loves Israel

Big surprise right?  A presidential hopeful assuring everyone that he’s willing to wage war on behalf of that one foreign government that is more important than any other entity on Earth.  Check out this quote:

“We cannot afford to be passive spectators while the world descends into chaos. America must stand with our friends and stand up to our enemies. Then and only then can our standing in the Middle East and throughout the world improve and with it our own security.”

Here’s a little list breaking down this treasonous bullshit.

1. Who’s “we?”

2. The world is not descending into chaos.  That’s just rhetoric designed to scare ignorant people.

3. While there is plenty of chaos in the Middle East, it’s been caused or intensified by the US and/or Israeli governments

4. America is a place.  It is not a person.  It can not stand up.  It does not have friends or enemies.  Does Kansas have enemies?  What he’s talking about is the regime located in Washington, D.C. which is certainly no friend of mine.

5. “Our” standing?  No one in the Middle East has ever heard of me so my “standing” there is basically neutral.  Again, I think he means the US government’s standing.

6. If he thinks “standing with Israel” unconditionally is going to improve the “standing” (He loves that word) of the US government in the Middle East or anywhere outside of Washington D.C., New York City, and Israel itself, he’s even dumber than he looks.

7. If he thinks “standing with Israel” unconditionally is going to improve “our” (I think here he actually means the American people) security, he needs to explain how because it runs contrary to any logic.  Is the Israeli army going to protect us from some invasion?  Stop spitting out mindless rhetoric that AIPAC wrote down for you Scott.

My impression of Scott Walker is that he has no knowledge of foreign policy and is just taking his marching orders from the same Neocons who advise most GOP presidential candidates.  Since he doesn’t have Bush family connections, and most of the mainstream press hates him, this should end up costing him the nomination.  If you sound like an idiot at enough debates you’re going to lose your front runner status and fade away. Remember Rick Perry?

McCain is a maniac, but he’s not completely ignorant of foreign policy.  He just deeply believes that the US government being involved in every war on Earth is good.  Hillary Clinton’s basically the Democrat version of McCain when it comes to waging war.  People like Obama, Romney, Dole, Bill Clinton, etc. don’t seem to care a whole lot about foreign policy. However, they’re smart enough to trick the average American into mistaking their State Department propaganda for careful, thoughtful analysis of the particular situation at hand before they start bombing some poor defenseless country thousands of miles away.

Scott Walker’s an amateur.  I predict we’ll be rid of him by early 2016.  I hope I’m right.

ISIS, Shmisis

Pat Buchanan has another great article putting the threat of ISIS in perspective.  If you’re an American living in the United States, the odds of ISIS harming you in any way, much less killing you, is basically zero.  Even if they inspire a few nuts to shoot up a mall or something, you’re much more likely to be killed in a car accident or even be struck by lightning than to be one of their victims.  If you think they’re going to invade Chicago, you’re just a fucking idiot.

No, the real threat from ISIS is that warmongers in the US government, of both the Neocon and “liberal interventionist” varieties will launch another trillion dollar, endless, and useless war against them.  They can also be used as an excuse to further expand the police state. Maybe we’ll have to be frisked every time we ride a train or enter a movie theater.

The only thing I disagree with Mr. Buchanan on is the way he ended the article:

As the Shiites are already engaged against ISIS, we should inform our Sunni friends — the Turks, Egyptians, Saudis, Gulf Arabs: As you are the most threatened here, you are the first responders to this blaze.

We will have your back, but we will not fight your war for you.

Let those “friends” of ours pay for their own damn war with their own damn weapons.  I don’t have their back.

Good for the Democrats (well some of them at least)

For the first time since the Bush Sr. Days, some US politicians have actually stood up to an Israeli Prime Minister rather than the usual disgusting ass kissing.

Let’s hope this proves popular and starts a trend.  Any foreign leader who constantly agitates for the United States to fight wars of aggression on their behalf is not a friend of the average American.

For all you Israel Firsters out there, don’t worry.  The majority of Congress, including just about every Republican, still worships this maniac.  Or at least they worship the campaign money that comes from supporting him above the interests of their own constituents.