Americans Going Native

Americans in 2015, don’t identify with what this country has become.  They feel like strangers in their own land.  This is what happens when you live in the heart of a global military empire.  The world currently operates on an economic system that was imposed by the United States government in the aftermath of its military victories in World War II. The paper money that the Federal Reserve prints up is what backs up all the rest of the world’s phony currencies.  The Dollar is still king.

What’s the result?  The government and financial capitals of this Empire, New York and Washington, can easily suck the wealth out of the rest of the world because they can literally create money out of thin air.  As a result millions of people all over the planet want to move closer to the belly of the beast to claim some of these ill gotten gains for themselves.  You make a lot more money being a cab driver in Manhattan than you do in Damascus these days.  The banksters with access to all this cash live in Manhattan.

Not everybody can move to the big East Coast cities of course, and Uncle Sam has spread the wealth around somewhat to placate the leeches in Congress.  So if you’re living on a Guatemalan dirt farm right now, plucking feathers off a chicken in a factory in Iowa probably sounds like a good deal.  Gotta supply the troops with industrial poultry after all and collect those farm subsidies.  Minimum wage in Sioux City beats subsistence farming in Central America.

Of course not content with the throngs of Spanish speaking mulattoes looking to cross the Rio Grande, Bush and Obama have seen fit to bomb the Hell out of some Asian countries over the last 15 years or so creating a refugee crisis.  Most of them have headed for Europe, the cradle of the Western Civilization America used to be a part of.  But Obama wants to use some of his Federal Reserve funny money to start importing a hundred thousand or so into good ‘ol Fly Over Country.  Does Islam make you a little “uncomfortable?”  Boy are you in for a treat!

Further complicating matters, the Bush/Obama regime has seen fit to take over local law enforcement and local educational systems.  Barack Hussein Obama’s view of what’s “normal” is now everyone else’s view too!  So now it’s illegal to not bake a cake for someone who’s chosen a lifestyle choice that seems “foreign” to you.  Your sons and daughters will respect the rights of boys to dress like girls or men to marry other men, if they want to get through the Government Schools unscathed.

So you horrible, racist, nativist, heterosexual, evil white male oppressor.  Don’t feel comfortable in the land where you grew up?  Where your father and grandfather grew up? Get used to it.  It’s changing faster than anyone even realizes and the Emperors love it.

Trump kicks out black protester

Can Trump actually be president?  I still have my doubts, but if he keeps up this anti-PC attitude, he could probably win the GOP nomination.

And from there, against Killery?  He would get such a huge percentage of white men, and the anti-Clintons would turn out in such force that you never know.  Can Hitlery inspire women to vote for her just because of her aging, rotting vagina?  Or will Trump’s old Rosie O’Donnel insults turn enough of them off that they vote against him?  It all remains to be seen.  But keep this in mind if it is Trump vs the Great Satan: as hard as it is to believe, Hillary Clinton is a bigger warmonger, a bigger spender, and a bigger police state enthusiast than the Donald.  She’s obviously a bigger proponent of importing millions of third world peasants into the United States.  Trump is far from perfect.  I doubt I could bring myself to cast my worthless vote for him.  And I find it hard to believe if he manages to win the GOP nomination that the Deep State would actually let him prevail in the general election.  But he’s by far the lesser of two evils when it comes to Hillary, Jeb, Marco Rubio, or most of the other pretenders to the throne.

(Sorry Rand, I had such high hopes for you.  You may still be the best of the worst, but you sucked up to the devil early on.  So I have little sympathy for your poor showing now.)

Armistice Day

97 years ago today, after a string of military defeats, the German Empire signed an armistice with the British and French Empires.  So Germany stopped fighting the Allies a few hours later, and this marked the end of what later came to be known as World War I.

The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.

We now know the day as Veterans Day in the United States as all Americans are urged to heap praise on anyone who has ever been employed by the US military and refer to them as heroes without knowing any details about their “service.”

Americans should really focus more on the origins of this day and be educated about the last hours of World War I.  Perhaps libertarians and anti-war types can make some inroads with the flag worshipers if they learn the truth about Armistice Day and the psychopaths who ruled western states a hundred years ago.

The armistice was signed at 5 am and went into effect at 11 am local French time.  So the combatants knew the war would end in a few hours, and yet they fought to the last minute. They were following the orders of their superiors right on up to the Prime Ministers and Presidents.  There were over 10,000 casualties on that last day and close to 3,000 deaths. What exactly is heroic about this?  Knowing the war is about to end, but sending troops to kill and die so that their strategic position was a tad better just in case hostilities resumed at some later date.  Was it heroic for the politicians to allow their generals to oversee these atrocities? Was it heroic for the Generals to order their troops to continue killing after four bloody years of war were finally about to come to an end?  Was it heroic for the troops who followed these insane orders to continue killing others and risking their own lives for literally no reason?  For a few feet of dirt in France?

The Germans, while not having formally surrendered, were undergoing revolution at home and their Emperor had abdicated.  They were going to be unable to continue the war and negotiated the Armistice from a position of weakness.  They had requested that the Armistice go into effect immediately, but the Supreme Allied Psychopath, Ferdinand Foch, refused.  He wanted to kill a few more of them.

The last man killed in World War I was 23 year old American Henry Gunther.  He was a German-American who hadn’t wanted to enter the war to kill Germans.  He was drafted and became a slave of the US government which sent him to war to kill Germans.  He wrote a letter home to a friend saying the war was terrible and warning him to avoid being drafted.  This resulted in a demotion in rank which he foolishly tried to reverse by charging the German lines in the minutes just before 11 am.  He was killed at 10:59.   I wonder if his family celebrated this “holiday” in the years following the Great War.

Harry Truman was still ordering troops under his command to murder as many Germans as possible right up until the eleventh hour on November 11, 1918.  This was a sign of things to come, as he murdered hundreds of thousands of Japanese in 1945 rather than allowing them to surrender.

A Congressional Act approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday: “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day’.”  This is the same Congress that just three years later, gave the criminal Franklin Delano Roosevelt the Declaration of War he had been so desperately seeking, plunging the United States into the even more bloody World War II and sending another generation of young men to die and murder on behalf of the government.  Many of these young men were enslaved or as the State likes to call it, “drafted.”  I guess the “cause of world peace” didn’t have staying power in the US Congress.

After World War II, Armistice Day became Veterans Day.  Happy Fucking Veterans Day.

American democracy is a sham

We’ve got roughly seven weeks left in 2015.  2016 is a presidential election year so all Americans will be bombarded with propaganda about how it’s our “duty” or “responsibility” to vote.  How we’ve got no right to complain about the government if we don’t vote.  How “democracy may not be perfect, but it’s the best form of government available,” etc. etc. etc.  As a result millions of people across this country will develop strong opinions on whether the Republicrat of the Democan should be our next fuhrer.  A hundred million people will cast their vote hoping to choose a new regime in Washington that will benefit them.

All of this, of course, is nonsense.

Let me start by saying I don’t think democracy is a legitimate form of government in the first place. I don’t believe Barack Obama’s legitimacy would be any different if he had marched an army into the White House 8 years ago and declared himself Emperor for Life.  The idea that 51% of the people can tell the other 49% what to do, how to live, how much of their money they’re allowed to keep, is simply the tyranny of the majority.  If 51% of the people think the other 49% should all become slaves, is that legitimate?

But despite what we may have been taught in the government schools, or what the talking heads on NBCFOXCNNCBSABC tell us, the United States is not a democracy.  I’m not referring to the fact that the constitution creating the current US government designed a republic rather than a democracy.  That’s true, but who cares?  The regime ceased to follow the rules on that piece of parchment the moment the ink dried.  No, my point is that the US State is not a democracy in the sense of the “rule of the majority” or “government by the people.”

First of all, the president rarely gets a majority of the popular vote.  Barack Obama is the first one since Jimmy Carter to actually get 50% of the vote.  Since the president has usurped most powers from Congress through bureaucratic regulations and his control of the military, presidential elections are basically the elections for the ruling regime.  So the government, in this sense rarely has 50% support from the voting public.  Where’s the “will of the majority” in this equation?  How are the “people” running this government?

Secondly, the popular vote doesn’t matter.  People are electing representatives for the electoral college to cast votes for president on their behalf.  Because of the way it’s set up, a person can have less votes than his opponent and still win.  This, of course happened in 2000 where Bush the Dumber had less votes than the Goracle, but won the electoral college.

Third, it’s not like anyone can run for president.  The two major political parties control the election process so you can only vote for a Republican or Democrat.  If you don’t like what either of these parties stand for, you can have no representation in government.

Fourth, the presidential candidates lie about what they’re going to do if elected.  For example, Barack Obama said he was going close the detention center at Guantamo Bay, but it’s still there.  George Bush said he was going to have a “humble” foreign policy and then launched massive invasions of two Asian countries.  How are these men representing the people in a democratic fashion when they do the exact opposite of what they said they were going to do?  There is no mechanism to remove them from office until their four year term is up.

Don’t forget to vote next November!

Why I hate Bernie Sanders

1. He’s made Income and Wealth Inequality his number one issue.  It’s true, that the banksters and war profiteers have used government to rip off the average American citizen.  But Bernie’s solution of more government is not going to stop that.  And the wealth gap itself is not a problem.  He’s framing the issue in a way that appeals to people’s envy. He acts as though we’d all be better off with a lower standard of living as long as there weren’t any billionaires.

2. He included some idiotic quote by Comrade Pope Francis on his website.

3. He wants you to pay for other people’s college education.  I’m against this on principle. He wants to make public universities free.  I’d say get rid of public universities.  But what really drives me crazy is that part of his solution is to lower interest rates on student loans. Letting 18 year old kids borrow tens of thousands of dollars regardless of whether they are likely to pay it back allows private colleges to charge outrageous tuition fees so that they can fatten administrators’ salaries.  This whole thing is a wealth transfer from middle class kids and taxpayers to wealthy deans.  I thought “Socialist” Bernie was against this.  Get the government out of the student loan business.

4. He wants to mandate a “living wage.”  He’s arbitrarily set this at $15.00 per hour.  As if somehow that’s enough to live.  This just outlaws anyone who isn’t worth $15/hr from working.  Of course as a new member of the Democrat Party, he probably figures those who can’t find work can just vote Democrat and leech off the more productive members of society.

5. He goes on and on about “racial justice,”  To be fair, he favors a few good policies under this banner such as ending the drug war and demilitarizing police.  However, he’s presenting the issue in a way designed to make black people hate white people.  This type of language like “Black Lives Matter” make it seem as though it’s white people’s fault that police are out of control.  This is divide and conquer style politics.

6. He wants to further subsidize immigration.  He wants more immigrants and he wants the government to pay for their education, healthcare, etc.

7. He wants to reform the Federal Reserve.  This might sound good, but it’s just naive.  A central bank will always take care of its fellow banksters.  If he really thinks politicians playing a bigger role in running it will make it better, he’s just wrong.  End the Fed.


8. He wants to force everyone in America to hire and do business with homosexuals and transgender people.  No surprise that he doesn’t believe in property rights.

9. Regarding Israel, he thinks

The U.S. must play a leading role in creating a two-state solution, which will require significant compromises from both sides.

Enough already!  The US has played a leading role for decades and the situation has only gotten worse.  Maybe we should just give up.  Could it be that the Israeli government and its supporters have more influence on US politicians than ordinary US citizens do?  Even “socialist” Bernie Sanders?

To be fair, he does support the Iran Deal.  So he seems to be less beholden to the Lobby than the average Senator.

Feds force teenage girls to shower with cross dressing boy

The Obama regime says that a government school district in Illinois violated a boy’s civil rights because he identifies as a girl and was denied the right to shower and undress with them.  He had been provided with his own private space which was apparently “discriminatory.”

Personally I think this is just another Leftist assault on traditional cultural norms designed to indoctrinate young people into looking to their government masters in Washington for moral authority rather than their parents or any source other than the State and its media echo chamber.

But let’s look at why this approach by the Cultural Left is so successful:

Last year, the district received $6 million in federal money contingent on compliance with non-discrimination rules.

So here’s an idea.  Don’t take the Regime’s cash.  Make a deal with the Devil and this is what you get.  Yes, I know we all have money stolen from our paychecks by the thieves in Washington, and it seems like a good idea to get some of it back to educate our children. But this type of nonsense is just more evidence that there are always strings attached. Even when just begging for a few pennies on the dollar of your own money.

Here’s another idea.  Don’t send your children to these indoctrination centers in the first place.