1/3 of Americans are “Conspiracy Theorists”

That’s roughly how many think Jeffrey Epstein was murdered according to some polls. Using the term “conspiracy theory” as a way of dismissing an idea that powerful people may have intentionally done something nefarious and then lied about it has always amused me. Obviously there are conspiracies. Two or more people get together and decide or plan on doing something bad then that’s a conspiracy. So it’s just plain stupid to pretend this never happens.

And of course, we often find out that what was deemed as a crazy conspiracy theory turned out to be true. How many times did the US State conspire to lead the country into war? Yet at the time, very few people questioned the assertions that lead to aggressive military actions that killed thousands.

Here are a few examples for the historically ignorant:

  1. USS Maine explosion blamed on the Spanish in 1898. Led to the Spanish-American War.
  2. The Lusitania that was sunk by Germans in 1915 was carrying munitions to the British. Helped lead to America’s entry into WWI.
  3. Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 was intentionally provoked and allowed to happen. Led to America’s entry into WWII.
  4. Gulf of Tonkin incident was a blatant lie. Led to the US escalation of the Vietnam War.
  5. Lies that Saddam’s troops were ripping babies off incubators and bayonetting them. Helped lead to US intervention in the First Gulf War.
  6. Lies that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction that he planned to give to Islamic terrorists. Led to US attack on Iraq.

Weren’t these all conspiracies? Powerful men and women “conspiring” to mislead the US public so that they would support overseas military interventions?

A few phrases and terms I wish I never have to hear again

I’m so sick of how the Media in this country gets everyone to use ridiculous terms and phrases made up by Left-Wing activists. Things we’d never heard of a few years ago, we’re now shamed into repeating ad nauseam while having them shoved down our throats every time we go online or turn on our television sets. This is how views that were thought of as common sense at the turn of the century are now considered horrible racist ideology less than two decades later.

Here are some things I wish I never had to hear again:

  1. Diversity is Our Strength
  2. People of Color
  3. Migrants
  4. LGBTQ
  5. White Supremacist
  6. White Nationalist
  7. Neo-Nazi
  8. Racist
  9. Legacy of Slavery
  10. Mansplaining
  11. Woke
  12. Trans Community
  13. Believe all Women
  14. #metoo
  15. Black Lives Matter
  16. White Privilege
  17. Nation of Immigrants
  18. Doxing
  19. Cisgender
  20. Homophobic
  21. Transphobic
  22. Islamophobic
  23. Anti-semitic
  24. Latinx

Quick look at NYT on 8.29.19

  1. Jeffrey Epstein article – about how he recruited girls. It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with which politicians/celebrities were raping them. Also nothing about his “suicide”.
  2. Comey gets a “rebuke” over leaked memos about Trump. It doesn’t appear to look into why he’s not being charged with anything.
  3. E.P.A. rolling back regulations on methane. I supposed this warrants media coverage from any perspective although my guess is it will be presented with extreme bias
  4. U.S. ends a program allowing sick migrants to stay for treatment. So I guess we’re supposed to think it’s good for sick people from anywhere in the world to come to the USA for free medical care. Never mind the cost, the spread of disease, the fact that we’re constantly told we have a bad system here to begin with, the idea that sick people should be wandering the desert, etc.


  1. Article bashing the assisted living industry
  2. The FEC can’t do its job unless it fills some vacant seats (I’d guess this will be extremely anti-Trump)
  3. Something about misleading hurricane coverage
  4. Something about genetics and sexuality. I’m 99% sure this is something celebrating homosexuals.
  5. Something about Trump “slipping”.
  6. Something about the East/West divide in Germany
  7. Puff piece about the first woman on the Harvard faculty
  8. Somebody claiming to tell the truth about Johnson & Johnson
  9. An article mocking Trump with the phrase “adults in the room”

So let’s see. 1 anti-Trump/Pro-immigration news story. The other three don’t take a clear stance on Trump based on the short descriptions available.

Under opinion there rare 2 clearly anti-Trump articles and a Feminist article.

A rather tame day at the NYT. Usual leftist bias on which topics to cover and how to cover them, but nothing clearly bashing whitey on their front page.

NYT on 8.16.19

Let’s take a look at what stories/propaganda the Media have chosen to shove in our faces today

  1. A Muslim congresswoman won’t visit the West Bank on her trip to Israel. No reflection on why dozens of Congressmen visit Israel every year.
  2. Israel supporters are concerned Rift could Damage Ties to U.S. No word on how the Palestinians feel about it. I wonder how Russia supporters feel about that whole story the NYT obsessed about for two years that turned out to be fake and whether that damaged the US-Russia relationship?
  3. Cathay Pacific C.E.O. resigned after criticism from the Chinese government over its employees’ participation in Hong Kong protests. This story seems designed to make people worry about China. We have to constantly have enemies.
  4. Trump approves fighter jet sales to Taiwan. Slightly anti-Trump angle it appears, but not sure they’re really pushing for better or worse relations with China at this point.

Opinion Pieces

  1. Thomas Friedman thinks Trump is poisoning relations with Israel because some Muslim congresswomen got in a fight with Netanyahu.