The numbers don’t add up

I guess I’m missing something. I hear about how deadly and dangerous this pandemic is. Even many commentators I respect that are warning about the State power grab are none the less conceding that this is the most deadly disease in the last hundred years. I know it will get worse at least in numbers of reported cases and deaths (I’m skeptical of the numbers because A: Who knows how accurate the tests are and whether they’re all being administered properly and B: They’re likely counting anyone who tests positive and then dies as having been killed by Covid-19 even if they had lung cancer or something), but so far looking at the numbers reported by our own government, I just can’t see how the hysteria can be justified.

We’re told that this will overwhelm the hospital system. Granted, the majority of cases seem to be in New York City so we’d have to dig into that city’s numbers specifically to see if it’s really an issue. But on a national level? It doesn’t add up. The CDC estimates 140,000 to 810,000 annual hospitalizations from influenza each year. Last year they’re saying it was 490,561-way down from 810,000 the year before. Let’s say that was spread out over 4 months. So that’s 122,000 per month – probably likely to be higher in February than other months, but we’ll use that. There have been 185,159 TOTAL confirmed Coronavirus cases as I write this. And not all of them were hospitalized. How has this totally overburdened our entire healthcare system? What am I missing?

As for deaths? The CDC says there are between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually from the Flu. Last year there were 34,157 – down from 61,000 the year before. Deaths from Coronavirus as I write this? 3,773. Now I know they will claim more deaths before it’s over, but we’ve never been locked in our homes for months at a time over a virus.

And the mortality rate? CDC claims fly has a 0.1% mortality rate. They estimate last year 35.5 million people got the flu. and 490,561 died. Now they’ll be able to manipulate this however they want because they estimate the number of flu cases and they’ll estimate the number of Covid-19 cases and use that to calculate the death rate. if you divide current deaths by total current confirmed cases it’s 2%, but we’re told 70% of Americans will get the virus. They may change that and estimate it was a lower percentage when this is all said and done, but it would take 245,000 deaths for that to be even a 0.1% mortality rate. Dr. Fauci was telling us it was “10 times as deadly” so that would mean 2,450,000 deaths. Just remember these numbers and see what they’re saying a month from now.

Obviously I hope the deaths are much lower and I have a feeling they will be. We need to hold our “leaders” accountable for spreading this fear and potentially destroying our way of life if this disease turns out to be less devastating than they told us.

Did Anthony Fauci lie to Congress?

Tom Dilorenzo over at thinks he knew the Coronavirus wasn’t 10 times more deadly than the flu when he stated that a few weeks ago and set off the current madness:

On March 11 Dr. Anthony Fauci famously told a congressional hearing that the COVID-19 virus was “ten times worse” than the seasonal flu.  Then fifteen days later, on March 26, he co-authored an article that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in which he wrote that the COVID-19 was “no worse” than a “very bad flu” but nothing like SARS or MERSA.

Having been involved in the academic publishing business for the past 41 years, I can say with some authority that the article published in the New England Journal of Medicine was almost certainly submitted to the journal months before March 11, probably many months.  This fact suggests that Fauci knew on March 11 that he was misleading Congress — and the world — about the severity of the coronavirus.

Do we even have a Constitution anymore?

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and it covers with its shield of protection all classes of men, at all times and under all circumstances.  No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of men that any of its great provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of Government.” – Supreme Court Justice David Davis writing in the majority opinion of Ex parte Milligan 1866

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How can people not be skeptical about the coronavirus narrative???

Just think about this logically. No one would likely know there is a virus going around if the media and government weren’t inundating with hysterical news coverage and press conferences 24 hours a day and forcing us to stay in our homes under threat of public ostracism and possible legal consequences. Were you the least bit worried about this disease three weeks ago?

We were told when this started that millions might die. That hasn’t materialized. As I write this the death count in the US so far is 859. And many of those are probably elderly people with serious preexisting conditions who weren’t likely to live much longer anyway. Now they may say the lockdowns worked and that’s why no one died, but I’m not sure why I should believe that. This whole self-quarantine thing is just supposed to spread out the epidemic so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. So if not that many people die, it seems like maybe this disease wasn’t so serious. And why would it overwhelm the hospital if it’s less deadly than the flu? We’re told many more people die of the flu, but this has a higher death rate? So that means that there must be fewer cases. It can’t all be true. There have to be some lies in there somewhere.

We also have all these people testing positive that have no symptoms, but they can spread the disease. This means going forward the authorities can declare a perfectly healthy person a “carrier” of some future disease they discover down the line and lock them up for the good of society or at least limit their ability to travel.

We can also blame the economic collapse on this virus rather than the huge bubbles inflated by the world’s central banks and the out of control spending by our corrupt rulers. So of course we have to bail out the big companies and give the banks “liquidity.” They could never have foreseen the Coronavirus! How convenient!

We’re also told that all this social distancing we’ve been told is necessary is the “new normal.” Think about that. Something no one ever heard of two weeks ago is now how we must live our lives possibly forever. We can never have face to face meetings anymore. Everything must be done online. And of course, the NSA can track everything online. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

We no longer have the right to assembly it seems. So no more tea parties or Occupy Wall Street protests. That does seem to benefit the elite, the people who are about to get trillions of dollars handed to them to bail out their industries from this supposed pandemic. No angry populist rallies for unapproved politicians running for office. No more voting in person. Guess we’ll have to vote online or through the mail which will have to be done on the Federal level. It will be much more convenient and make us safe from germs. It will also be much easier to fix, but again that’s the price we have to pay to not die of some disease that we normally wouldn’t even worry about.

No more church. I mean I guess you can worship on the internet, but somehow I don’t think that will appeal to many people. So people will lose their faith in God. That just happens to remove a competing authority to the State.

How will we have family formations? All of our relationships will be online. Will single people be afraid to meet in person? How will they FUCK? How are we going to reproduce? Is it all artificial inseminations? Are fathers to be completely kept out of the children’s lives? Again, that seems like one more possible authority figure that isn’t the government removed from the equation.

All of this seems way too convenient for our power-hungry overlords. When you start hearing about this being the “new normal,” keep these ideas in mind.