Excess deaths by state

This is interesting. Look at Georgia, Illinois, and Michigan. Similar populations and population densities. Georgia is having a small uptick in COVID deaths, but meanwhile, their Total and Excess Deaths have not risen and continue to be lower than the other two Lockdown states.

Florida on the other hand does have a slight increase across all 3 metrics. Still barely a blip on the graph when compared to NY

Excess deaths update 7.23.20

Looking at CDC data, we see that COVID deaths are starting to increase again in July, but so far total deaths and excess deaths have not increased. We need to keep an eye on this as more data come in. If more people are supposedly dying of COVID, but overall deaths are not above average and aren’t increasing, it seems suspicious.

30 years of disability law making lawyers rich

Great article on the damage done by the (supposedly) well-intentioned Americans with Disabilities Act. People suing their employers after being fired for falling asleep. A quarter of all college students claiming mental disabilities so that they get more time to take exams among other perks. Companies being sued because their websites don’t adequately accommodate blind people.

And of course the bottom line:

The percentage of disabled who are employed has fallen sharply since the ADA was enacted. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study concluded that the ADA reduced employment “of disabled men of all working ages and all disabled women under age 40.” Between 1991 and 2010, the percentage of disabled who were employed fell from 50% to 41.% The Census Bureau reported earlier this year that only 19% of persons with a disability were employed in 2019, compared to 66% of people without a disability.

Excess deaths update 7.21.20

For the weeks ending with June dates, there have been more than 3 times as many COVID deaths as excess deaths. We’ll have to wait and see how the numbers play out, but that seems suspicious.

So far they haven’t backfilled all the excess deaths in March and April with the COVID tag. Since the CDC was encouraging hospitals to be pretty loose with that designation, it makes you think maybe there were people dying in higher numbers than usual that had no flu-like illness at all. Did the excessive lockdowns in place cause higher than normal non-COVID deaths? Were people afraid to go to the hospitals waiting too long to seek treatment for other health problems? Were there increased suicides? I’ll have to see if I can dig up more data on non-COVID related deaths from this past spring.

USA Totals:

State comparisons between those run by evil Republicans (GA, FL) who want their citizens to die and those run by sainted Democrats (IL, MI, NY) who just want to protect their subjects while simultaneously promoting social justice for the poor oppressed peoples of the USA:

NJ LTC deaths Update 7.20.20

We may get to the point where LTC deaths make up the majority of COVID deaths in New Jersey. It’s extremely close. Great job Governor Murphy! If you’d protected nursing homes you’d be looking at possibly half as many deaths. Instead, you intentionally spread the virus to the most vulnerable population while locking down everyone else.

Excess deaths update 7.15.20

The CDC data indicate that there were significantly more “excess” deaths than COVID deaths during the peak back in April. This suggests that either the extreme lockdowns in place at the time caused some non-COVID deaths or they undercounted COVID deaths in the early days.

I wonder how much of the recent mini-surge in reported COVID deaths occurring over the past week are from some states going back and adding the COVID label to deaths from several months ago. If so the CDC data will change on this and while it will indicate the peak was much worse than initially reported (whether true or not), it would actually make the decline in deaths much more obvious with no July “spike.” We will see

I’m also intrigued to see whether there end up being any “excess” deaths in June to go along with the COVID deaths that will likely be close to 20,000 when all is said and done. If not, then that either means June COVID deaths may be exaggerated or a lot of people who died in April/May would have likely died in June anyway without COVID. The data now indicate no excess deaths overall for the month, but again, we will have to wait and see.

Here are the state graphs I’ve been following. Still no spike evident in those evil Republican states that didn’t lock down enough to satisfy CNN:

Interestingly, New Jersey, which has the worst per capita death rate, now has COVID deaths slightly exceeding “excess” deaths in June. Either way, the worst seems to be over for the Garden State in terms of COVID despite their governors’ fanaticism for masks and his desire to destroy the restaurant and bar industries.

Positive COVID test at the time of death = COVID death

She flat out says it here. Even if you “clearly died of another cause,” even if you’re “in hospice already” if you test positive for COVID just before you die you died of COVID. You can’t trust the numbers on this bullshit.