Color Revolutions

Is the attempt to overthrow Trump, an example of a “Color Revolution” that was common under the Bush and Obama regimes? That’s the talking point that’s been circulating in some right wing outlets. It’s gotten enough attention that the mainstream media (i.e. left wing outlets) have deemed it necessary to respond.

This piece of propaganda is laughable. It almost makes you think this is part of the very color revolution under way that they claim isn’t happening.

First off they quote someone from the Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement. Yes, someone working for an outlet named after the nominee for president of the Democrat Party running against Trump is the expert they turn to. He accuses anyone floating this theory as nothing more than recycling Russian talking points.

There’s some more pearl clutching from globalist think tankers explaining to the zombies that get their news from Yahoo! that Color revolutions are just popular uprisings against evil autocratic regimes and are 100% wonderful and full or rainbows and sunshine and everything nice.

But then we get to the last few paragraphs a bit of truth slips through. A Twitter feed from a Canadian journalist had this to say:

U.S. support for these movements does not take the form of CIA machinations but rather federal funding of the National Endowment for Democracy and various other NGOs, including foundations associated with Soros, according to MacKinnon. This is not the “deep state,” he said, but “more like a scattered collection of do-gooders who have a bunch of money to give out to organizations that promote ideas like fair elections and independent media around the world.”

So it does seem as though the US government and the biggest globalist on the planet, George Soros, are in fact funding these color revolutions. And they take the form of “popular protests” against pro-Russian regimes the they don’t like. And we’re supposed to believe Trump is very pro-Russian and in fact Russia stole the election for him. And Black Lives Matter, which is very well funded, has been holding protests/riots for months now directed at Trump.

And here’s an article from Slate back in 2004 (when George W Bush was literally Hitler) explaining that the NED was created to continue funding opposition groups that the US regime favored after the CIA got some bad press and wasn’t allowed to directly fund these groups anymore. So basically it exists to provide cover to the CIA’s meddling in foreign countries, attempting to overthrow certain governments.

But what happened in Iran, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Syria, etc. could never happen in the USA right?

Makes you want to vote for Trump

You’re sitting here thinking, I’m a good libertarian. How can I vote for Donald Trump when he increased spending to ridiculous levels, hasn’t ended any wars, and gave cover to the Democrats on the COVID lockdowns by letting Fauci run his domestic policy for several months?

And then you see this:

We’re supposed to take these assholes seriously?

A few obvious points:

  1. He’s being very unsanitary with this mask that is supposedly protecting him and the’s about to put back on his face to cover up his mouth and nose.
  2. Nothing can be “more” guaranteed than something else. Something is either guaranteed or it isn’t.
  3. Is he really saying masks are “guaranteed” to protect against this virus? If so, then why are there any other restrictions being recommended. It should just be masks and then do whatever you want while your wear it.
  4. We have been constantly told that you wear the mask to protect others, but he just did a complete 180 on that bullshit. So then why do mask proponents care if I wear a mask? They can wear one and be safe so who cares if I catch it?
  5. This guy is a liar and he doesn’t even seem particularly bright, yet he heads the Centers for Disease Control. Remember that the next time the CDC issues any guidance or tries to scare you about some “dangerous” virus that you can’t do anything about.

Funny business going on with COVID deaths

Are we really supposed to believe Virginia had 96 deaths yesterday?

It’s enough to make the national daily average appear to be rising today:

I’m so sick of this nonsense. So many people never want the panic to end. Why are we even counting these cases and deaths at this point? We know the numbers are being inflated. All it would take to get back to normal is the media to stop covering this garbage and the politicians to lift restrictions and stop holding press conferences. Just declare victory and move on like Bush should have done in Afghanistan 18 years ago. I don’t care what the “official” truth becomes regarding this collective insanity. I just want my life back.