Our government is reckless

How can they allow the Vice President of the United States to make a speech declaring the US will “stand with Ukraine in defense of the NATO alliance?” This implies that the USA has the obligation to defend Ukraine from Russia. This is basically a call to start World War III. This is pure insanity and this psychopath should be removed from office immediately.

I’ve come to around to the conclusion that Kamala is likely just stupid. She may have just misspoken like she’s done so many times before. But this is still completely unacceptable. You can’t just go out and spout off bullshit to sound tough when that bullshit can be interpreted by a nuclear power as a de facto declaration of war.

We expect this, unfortunately, from neocon Senators and congressmen, but a person this high up in a presidential administration must be held to a higher standard. Our very existence is at stake here.

Kamala is a joke

Watch the first female Vice President in action as she continues to humiliate herself in Eastern Europe.

Her embarrassing performance is a good thing. It will hasten the fall of the Empire as our freeloading “allies” realize the figureheads nominally in charge of the USA are complete fools who have no idea what they’re doing. If they thought they could count on NATO protecting them, this should put an end to that delusion.

And this will wake up more Americans to the fact that we are run by a Deep State so incompetent they’ve installed babbling morons as President & Vice President.

Respect the office indeed.

It’s unbelievable how gullible Americans are

The majority fall for the Regime’s hysterical panics every time. Even if they figure out the last one was a lie or they’ve forgotten how it ended. Even if they hate the current figurehead nominally in charge (Biden, Trump, etc.). They’re always ready to be whipped up into the next frenzy at the drop of a hat.

Historically illiterate “leaders”

I guess it’s mildly amusing that Biden is so old and demented that he gets his countries mixed up in the middle of his war propaganda:

But put aside the fact he’s too old for his brain to keep up with his mouth. He obviously knows Putin is the leader of Russia and invaded Ukraine. What bothers me is what follows: “Nothing like this has happened since World War II”

Russia has invaded several countries since World War II. They actually put down a WWII era revolt in Ukraine against Soviet rule that continued into the 1950s. This was one of several post-WWII revolts they crushed in the European Soviet Republics.

But Soviet meddling wasn’t relegated to internal conflicts. They crushed anti-Communist uprisings in East Germany (1953), Hungary (1956), and Czechoslovakia (1968). In case your Geography is as bad as Biden’s History, I would point out that these were all European countries (and all currently members of NATO by the way). And yet the United States and NATO did nothing to prevent these. Why? Because the men leading the United States and Western Europe back then weren’t suicidal lunatics hell bent on starting a nuclear war. That’s why!

I would also point out Russia invaded the Eastern portion of Ukraine in 2014-15 in response to the overthrow of their pro-Russian government that Biden himself helped orchestrate!

But the demented old fool who suppodedly got 81 million votes less than 2 years ago can go on TV and say with a straight face: “Nothing like this has happned since World War II” and we’re supposed to repeat it and demand World War III.

America is increasingly a nation populated by idiots and ruled by psychopaths.