Feds force teenage girls to shower with cross dressing boy

The Obama regime says that a government school district in Illinois violated a boy’s civil rights because he identifies as a girl and was denied the right to shower and undress with them.  He had been provided with his own private space which was apparently “discriminatory.”

Personally I think this is just another Leftist assault on traditional cultural norms designed to indoctrinate young people into looking to their government masters in Washington for moral authority rather than their parents or any source other than the State and its media echo chamber.

But let’s look at why this approach by the Cultural Left is so successful:

Last year, the district received $6 million in federal money contingent on compliance with non-discrimination rules.

So here’s an idea.  Don’t take the Regime’s cash.  Make a deal with the Devil and this is what you get.  Yes, I know we all have money stolen from our paychecks by the thieves in Washington, and it seems like a good idea to get some of it back to educate our children. But this type of nonsense is just more evidence that there are always strings attached. Even when just begging for a few pennies on the dollar of your own money.

Here’s another idea.  Don’t send your children to these indoctrination centers in the first place.

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