Why are some plants illegal?

I don’t necessarily buy the death totals in this image I copied from twitter, but certainly tobacco and alcohol are bad for you.  They are also much more likely to kill you.  So the question is, how long before the legal (in certain states) marijuana industry is centralized enough that they can lobby Congress or the White House to remove the Federal ban?

Unfortunately that is probably what it will take.  The regime can’t enforce their own edicts when it comes to banning what is literally a “weed” so local governments have been ignoring them for years.  However, our overlords have no real incentive to change anything as long as the beer companies and tobacco companies have money while the marijuana trade is still mainly in the hands of local mom and pop outfits.  Once a single player captures over 50% of the legal market in the states like Colorado and Washington that have come to their senses on this issue, then maybe the campaign contributions can start flowing and DC will finally remove this ridiculous prohibition.

Of course then they’ll institute a bunch of onerous regulations and taxes putting the small businesses that deal in cannabis out of business.  It’s kind of a lose-lose situation for all the potheads out there.  But at least with legal, “regulated” marijuana available, they won’t wind up in jail or have their career prospects ruined for possessing a plant that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan didn’t like. It will still be a step in the right direction.

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