We’re Only as Strong Militarily as we are Economically

More great stuff from Ben Swann.  I’m not sure how he landed an interview with the murderer-in-chief, but he actually asks tough questions. It would have been interesting to see Obama’s response to the recent Libyan uprising against the Empire, since he touts that as a success, but I digress.

I’d point out that while he uses the nonsensical “we” when discussing the government, it’s telling that he says “We’re only as strong militarily as we are Economically.”  WTF??? The United States government has by far the most powerful military on Earth. No other government comes close.  Not China, not Russia, not the EU, not Israel, not Iran, no one.  And to suggest we’re “strong economically” is absurd. But I guess what he means is if “we” do’t get our economy turned around, there will be less wealth for him to plunder from productive citizens to hand over to the merchants of death.  This may spell the demise of the Empire.

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