The (relatively) good and bad of a potential Trump presidency

I pretty much disagree with Hillary Clinton on just about every single thing.  I also think she’s literally evil and is perfectly content with killing people if it furthers her political agenda or consolidates her power.  I obviously can’t know for sure whether any of the mysterious and convenient deaths surrounding the Clintons were due to foul play on their part.  But there’s no denying the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children she and her husband starved to death.  Not to mention the Serbians they bombed in the nineties or the Lybians and Syrians that have been killed as a result of the wars she escalated as Secretary of State.

So yeah, she’s a very bad person with blood on her hands.  Trump’s never had the power to start a war.  And as far as I know, he’s never been accused of killing anyone.  So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not as bloodthirsty as a Clinton, Bush, or even Obama.  But is there any hope that his presidency would be anything less than disastrous?  Or would it just end up being just as bad as any other?  I’ll attempt to answer that question.

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The (relatively) good:

1. He wants to deescalate tensions with Russia.  He’s been pretty consistent on that front. That’s an absolute positive in my book.

Hillary has compared Putin to Hitler.  That’s really insulting considering all the Russians that Hitler killed.  It’s also ridiculous as Putin has never made any serious attempt at conquering other countries to unite ethnic Russians as Hillary suggested.  He merely annexed an island that was majority Russian after they voted to be annexed.  It was completely peaceful.  There was no invasion.  The Russian military was already on Crimea as they’ve had a base there for hundreds of years.  The idea that Russia wants to or even has the means to reestablish the Soviet Empire is delusional.  They’re still a relatively impoverished country with a GDP about the size of Italy’s.

Hillary’s also been running around blaming Russia for hacking her emails without any proof and the Obama administration’s been threatening them over Syria.  Four, or god forbid, eight years of a Killery administration can only get us closer to all out war with a nuclear armed state.  It’s madness.

I don’t believe that Trump’s going to actually withdraw from NATO like he’s threatened to if other countries don’t “pay up.”  But it’s nice that he’s at least saying it.  Although I’d prefer the US withdraw from NATO regardless.  It also makes me think he’d have no interest in expanding NATO into Ukraine or Georgia which would be a distinct possibility under Hillary. This would risk US involvement anytime some Russian separatist region in either of these countries causes trouble.  How is that in the interest of average Americans?

2. He doesn’t seem to want to overthrow Assad in Syria.  Hillary of course wants to simultaneously fight ISIS and the enemies of ISIS which are Syria, Russia, and Iran. Trump just wants to fight ISIS.  I say the US should stay out completely.  But if Trump simply stops supporting the rebels who are on the side of ISIS, Assad will almost certainly end the war relatively quickly with the backing of Russia.  So hopefully that happens before Trump manages to escalate the Syria/Iraq wars going on now.  With Hillary this war will likely drag on, and the likelihood and level of American involvement will continue to escalate.

3. He wants less immigration.  The current level of immigration serves to allow those who favor big government to further consolidate their power.  It dilutes the culture and political influence of the native born population.  It also allows large businesses to lower wages and pass the costs of providing healthcare, education, transportation, etc. for the new arrivals onto the rest of us via taxation.  I’m skeptical about the Wall, and I don’t favor rounding up millions of illegals and deporting them by force.  But I certainly advocate for less immigration.  Hillary wants a borderless world.  That’s madness under the present circumstances.

4. He’s criticized the Fed for maintaining low interest rates (inflating the money supply) and seems to recognize the economy is in a bubble.  He’s definitely no Ron Paul, but acknowledging these things is a step in the right direction.

5. Lowering taxes.

6. Getting out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  These trade deals are always about enriching certain companies or industries.  They always empower governments whether it’s the US government or the governments of the other countries involved.  They’re never truly about “free” trade.

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The Bad.  I’ll go through these quickly.  In my mind most are pretty obvious

1. Favors the use of torture.

2. Wants to wage war against ISIS.

3. Pledged allegiance to Israel.

4. Wants to build the Keystone Pipeline.  My understanding is this is not favored by many of the localities that it would run through.  The GOP wants to force it on them through eminent domain or the use of nearby Federally owned land.

5. Wants to cancel Obama’s Iran deal.  The deal itself is not really necessary as Iran is no threat to the United States.  But canceling it and imposing more sanctions is an act of war against a country that is only our enemy because the Israeli government says so.

6. He’s anti-free trade.  I’m glad he’s criticizing NAFTA, TPP, and all the various acronyms that have been negotiated by US oligarchs in recent years.  They’re bad deals that strengthen the power of the States involved and are unnecessary for free trade.  But he fails to recognize the true reasons for the loss of manufacturing jobs in recent decades and thinks tariffs will solve the problem.  Well tariffs might create some new jobs for certain people, but they’ll result in higher prices for consumer goods for everyone.

I may update these lists at a later date.  I’m sure there are plenty more bad things, and maybe even some good ones I’ll think of before election day.

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