A Real American Hero

The guy screaming at these worthless dirtbags blocking the George Washington Bridge in New York and tearing down their banner.

I wouldn’t have blamed him for punching each one of them in the face.  Listen to the horseshit coming out of their mouths as the local media there treats them like respectable citizens instead of the disgusting criminals they are:

“Just basically to tell the system we’re not going to be in the shadows anymore,” protester Mahoma Lopez said. “We are here and we contribute to the community, we pay taxes, and we consume… The majority of immigrant people, we don’t have the right to vote.”

How the fuck are you in the shadows?  You’re blocking traffic on one of the busiest bridges in the world and you’re sure as hell not worried about getting deported for it.  What the hell are you talking about?

Any contribution to the community any of you may have made in your entire life was negated 10 times over by delaying thousands and thousands of people who were trying to get to work.  What if there was an ambulance stuck there? What if someone had an emergency they were trying to get to?

I’m sure you consume from “society” (i.e. the taxpayers) about ten times more than you pay in taxes judging by the fact that you spent your Wednesday morning blocking a major river crossing rather than going to work.

Why should the majority of immigrants have the right to vote?  In what country anywhere in the world does a foreigner show up and immediately have the right to vote in that country’s elections?

Yeah we need more of these people in the good ‘ol USA.

Vote Hillary.

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