Obama backs Israel (Big Surprise)

Obama has wasted no time in expressing support for Israel in their latest war against Gaza. ┬áIsrael has the “right to defend” itself. he says. ┬áNever mind that Israel has been blockading Gaza since 2006 because they don’t like that Hamas won an election there. They have blocked the import of such dangerous items as wheelchairs, crayons, soccer balls, and they delay the shipment of needed medicine. But hey, if Hamas launches a rocket, then Israel has every right to slaughter a few thousand civilians there with American weapons according to Obama and a bipartisan majority of the Congress.

Would it kill the US government to just mind its own business for once? Why must they immediately pick sides in every conflict on earth? How does unconditional financial and military aid to Israel help the average American? It doesn’t. It helps politicians’ campaign donations and the merchants of death.

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