Obama’s Wars Rage On

July was the deadliest month for American forces in Afghanistan in 2012. An average of 1 American is killed every day in Afghanistan. Nearly 2000 have been killed since the war began, most under Obama who escalated the conflict the minute he got into office. Of course he promised to increase the killing there as a candidate. So the peaceniks on the Left who voted for him were just hearing what they wanted to hear. It’s unclear how many Afghans have been killed. The government doesn’t worry about the foreign victims of its wars enough to try and keep track of them. Add to those casualties in Afghanistan the victims of the drones in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the bombing of Libya,the deadly sanctions on Iran, the atrocities committed by Syrian “activists,” and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner is racking up quite a body count. He’ll rival GWB, Clinton, and GHWB soon enough if he doesn’t already.

I guess I’m not patriotic enough to support all this, but I don’t think Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iran, or Syria combined are worth 1 American death.  I also don’t think 1 American dollar (stolen by the IRS or “created” by the FED) should go to support dictators, overthrow dictators, or promote democracy.

And finally, can we just be honest here and admit that the United States Government is the aggressor in these wars?  Can we also admit that they are in fact wars?  Can we try to imagine for one second how Americans would feel if a foreign country was invading, bombing, and conducting drone strikes in US cities to overthrow Obama or kill people that they claimed were terrorists, and in the process they killed dozens of civilians in each attack?  Can we stop pretending that anti-American terrorists are just completely irrational religious zealots who “hate freedom” and admit that they are responding to an extremely violent and aggressive US foreign policy?  Or are Americans still afraid of the truth?  Just switch from the Demicans to the Republicrats and everything will be fine.

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