Lance Cpl. Brandon Garabrant, 19 killed serving the Empire

A New Hampshire teenager was killed while assisting the US Empire in its occupation of Afghanistan.  This is certainly a tragedy.  As usual I’d be interested to hear Emperor Obama, someone from his War Department, or one of the War Party cheerleaders explain exactly why he died without using nonsensical phrases like “he died protecting our freedom” or “serving his country.”  I’d like some specifics about what exactly Brandon Garabrant’s mission was in Afghanistan and how it benefited the average American in any way.

Having said all that, the reason this particular needless death is getting slightly more attention than the average one is because Drudge linked to it.  Drudge apparently finds it noteworthy that last year when he graduated High School, his principal didn’t allow him to wear his Marine uniform to the ceremony.

So let me get this straight.  This is an important story to all flag wavin’, war lovin’ Muricans because:

  • A government employee didn’t let another government employee wear his official government costume to a government ceremony.
  • The government employee who was denied his chance to dress up was then sent by the government to kill on its behalf in Afghanistan and was killed himself.
  • The first government employee who originally enforced his government facility’s dress code, should now feel bad about it.

Take the government out of the above story, and maybe Brandon Garabrant could have led a long, productive life.  Instead, he is dead at 19

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