Obama thinks Richard Nixon was a “Great President.”

In a speech today, Emperor Obama promised to be even more tyrannical.  He’s not going to bother trying to get Congress to approve his diktats.

What else is new?

What made this speech interesting to me was this quote:

“My favorite president is the first Republican president, a guy named Abraham Lincoln. You look at our history, and we had great Republican presidents who–like Teddy Roosevelt started the National Park System, and Dwight Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System, and Richard Nixon started the EPA.”

If any Libertarian still thinks the Republican party is the lesser of the two evils, perhaps they should go read up on these progressive war criminal heroes of Obama who lived to enlarge the State.

1 thought on “Obama thinks Richard Nixon was a “Great President.”

  1. Jail? Of course. Therapy? Not so sure. As Chomsky argeud:”We are instructed daily to be firm believers in neoclassical markets, inwhich isolated individuals are rational wealth maximizers. If distortionsare eliminated, the market should respond perfectly to their ”votes,”expressed in dollars or some counterpart. The value of a person’s interestsis measured the same way. In particular, the interests of those with novotes are valued at zero: future generations, for example. It is thereforerational to destroy the possibility for decent survival for ourgrandchildren, if by so doing we can maximize our own ”wealth” – whichmeans a particular perception of self-interest constructed by vastindustries devoted to implanting and reinforcing it. The threats to survivalare currently enhanced by dedicated efforts not only to weaken institutionalstructures that have developed to mitigate the harsh consequences of marketfundamentalism, but also to undermine the culture of sympathy and solidaritythat sustains these institutions. All of this is another prescription fordisaster, perhaps in the not very distant future. But again, it has acertain rationality within prevailing structures of doctrine andinstitutions.”

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