Did people march at Selma 50 years ago for Democracy?

Ava Duvernay, the director of Selma, sat down with Oprah Winfrey’s best friend for an interview on CBS to promote the film.  This was part of her response to a question about some possible historical inaccuracies in the movie:

“If there is anything that we should be talking about in terms of legacy, it is really the destruction of the legacy of the Voting Rights Act and the fact that that very act is no more in the way that it should be, protecting all voices to be able to heard and participate in the electoral process. That is at risk right now. There’s been violence done to that act. We chronicle its creation in our film. And so I would just invite people to keep their eyes on the prize and really focus on the beautiful positives of the film.”

So I guess the most important thing to come out of the Civil Rights “era” was that black people were able to vote.  Because democracy equals freedom and justice and now there’s a black president and all black people are really happy and have no problems and everything’s just great.

The only problem is that now it’s all at risk.  Probably because of evil white southern Republicans.  So everybody that watches Selma needs to make sure they vote for people who won’t take away black people’s right to vote (Democrats I guess?) or else we’ll go back to the terrible 1950’s when blacks couldn’t vote.

Or something like that.  I mean I am white so maybe I just don’t understand.  Maybe if I shell out $15 to see this Paramount Picture, I’ll start to figure it all out.

This white guy understands:

“And then I came to the end of that fabulous film and I thought, ‘God, she got it! How did she do it?’ I was on the Pettus Bridge and I watched the mayhem, the madness of Sheriff Clark. She got it. I was there. I saw it. She wasn’t there, but she got it. When I was seeing the film, I was seeing what I remembered, truly remembered.”

So there!

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