Is tragedy in Paris any of US government’s business?

The murder of twelve employees of a French magazine, allegedly by Islamic terrorists, is certainly a tragedy.  Whatever was printed in Charlie Hebdo, it’s outrageous that anyone would be killed over it.  Regardless of terrorism or whether the average Muslim is particularly violent, I can also sympathize with Europeans wary of massive immigration into their homelands.  I rather enjoy living in a Western society myself, and if you flood it with non-Westerners the culture changes.  Not in a good way, as far as I’m concerned.  I have some apprehension about what will happen to much of the United States over the coming decades as we continue to import Asians and Latinos by the millions.

Yet I can’t help but think this tragedy is being blown out of proportion by the US media and the regime in Washington.  There have been bigger terrorist attacks in Europe in the 21st century.  Remember London in 2005?  How about Madrid in 2004?  These were seized upon by the Neocons in power in the US at the time to justify the war in Iraq.  But one could certainly argue they were reprisals for the UK and Spain’s support of that very war.  After all, that war was supposed to make the West safer, and yet Europe was suffering some of its worst terrorism in decades a few years into it.

And of course not all terrorism in Europe has been of the Islamic variety.  Remember the 2011 Oslo attacks perpetrated by an anti-Muslim pro-Israel right winger?

I guess my point is that just because there was a shooting or bombing in some European city, it doesn’t mean all of a sudden North America is in danger and we have to double down on the never ending Terror War.  Obama and his underlings have declared this an assault on freedom of the press and freedom of expression which is why we all have to stand in solidarity with what seems to be a French version of Mad Magazine.  But here in the USA, who’s more likely to abridge my freedom of speech?  An Islamic terrorist or our rulers in Washington who want to “regulate” the internet?  Obama also pledged to help France catch the perpetrators, but why is that necessary?  Are these shooters on their way to New York to kill Americans?  Can France not handle it’s own murder investigation? Every time 12 people are murdered in the USA should Obama go ask foreign governments to help catch the killers?

And that brings me to my next point.  I don’t want to sound heartless, but 12 Frenchmen died.  How is that the most important thing for the US media and government to focus on right now?  Just a few weeks ago 132 children were murdered in Pakistan.  That didn’t get nearly as much press here in America, even though it could be argued that Obama’s War on Afghanistan contributed to that massacre.  38 people were murdered in Chicago in December alone.  And that’s typical for Obama’s adopted hometown.

One final thought.  Not including the past year, Obama has killed 2,400 people via drone. At least 273 of them were civilians.  Keep that in mind the next time you hear the Emperor condemning a murder or terrorist attack.


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