Does the Pope hate American conservatives?

I’m not a Catholic, and I’ve never particularly cared for the Catholic Church or the Papacy. But this Pope seems to either be straight up stupid, or he’s on board with the Democrat Party, EU, and UN bureaucrats in seeking to hand over what’s left of our personal freedom in the West to the (increasingly global) State.  I guess he figures he’ll get a seat at the Power Table with these bastards, but maybe someone should break it to His Holiness, that the Obamas and Hollandes of the world don’t believe in God.  I’m starting to think maybe the Pope doesn’t either.  Maybe he’s just a giant neo-Marxist fraud.

His top adviser, one Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, has attacked conservatives in the United States because they have taken issue with the Pope’s lectures about Capitalism being “evil” and “destroying the environment.”   The official position of the Church apparently is that the United Nations gets to determine how much energy everyone on Earth is allowed to use.  Do these guys actually think American Catholics are Liberals? Keep beating up on American Conservatives on the issues where they actually stand for Personal Freedom, and see how that works out for your Church.  The only people in US Cathedrals 10 years from now will be elderly Hispanic women.  I’m pretty sure donations will be down.  Let’s just hope they’re allowed to burn some fuel to keep warm.

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